Any Golden Retriever can be entered in the contest. However, only Golden Retrievers rescued through Rescue A Golden of Arizona, or owned by current members* of RAGofAZ, (whether rescue Goldens or not) are eligible to win a spot as a monthly dog in our calendar. Furthermore, only a RAGofAZ-rescued dog can win the cover.

For example, if the dog with the most votes is not a RAGofAZ-rescued dog, he/she will be bumped down to second place and the dog in second place will win the cover. If the second place dog is not a RAGofAZ-rescued dog, then the third place dog will win the cover, and the top two will be bumped down to second and third place, etc.

The ten contest finalists will all be prominently featured in the calendar. The winner will have the cover photo, and the nine runners-up will be given a month each.

Should a Golden not meeting the above criteria win or place in the top 10, that dog will win a $50 PetsMart Gift Card in lieu of a calendar page, as well as an embroidered RAGofAZ bandana and inclusion in the Golden Tales article about the contest.

*What is a “current member” of RAGofAZ?

For the purpose of this contest, a current member is anyone who has paid individual, family or student membership dues within the last year, or who is a benefactor (i.e., has made a donation of at least $35 within the last year) of RAGofAZ. Membership dues must be paid before voting starts. Please note: You are not considered a member or benefactor if you have submitted a foster/adoption application only.

Any Golden contestant who crosses to the Rainbow Bridge after the start of the contest will still be eligible to be featured in the calendar with the following caveats: To be included in the calendar, the winning Golden must have good quality photographs available for our Calendar Coordinator to choose from; he/she has total discretion on whether to accept or reject a photo. Should no calendar quality photo be available, the winner in this case would receive the $50 PetsMart gift card.

While Goldens who have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge are not eligible to enter the contest, please note that there will be an opportunity after the contest for current members to submit photos of their Goldens who have passed to be included on a special calendar page dedicated to their memories.



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