CoryDSC 6846Cory came into rescue as a permanent foster with a tumor in her abdomen so big, X-rays & utrasound couldn’t tell what it was attached to.  She was 13 years old. After six months in foster care with her loving family, she didn’t die, and I was allowed to adopt her. 

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Our vet removed a grapefruit sized tumor from her ovary ( Miracle # One).  However when the  tumor was removed and she was spayed, all of the hormones that had kept her lively, were gone – and her heart reacted. She spent the weekend in the 24 hour Vet Emergency Hospital on IV’s, oxygen, and a heart monitor. On Saturday we were told she wasn’t going to live – she was not responding to treatment. Her foster Mom, Robin, and I took turns laying in her cage, talking, petting, putting water and food on the roof of her mouth for her to swallow.Cory C RoxieCory7 I took her home Monday afternoon (Miracle # Two). She enjoyed life for another ten months – eating & playing Queen Bee at the dog park every morning. CoryDSC 6864Paralysis -  possibly a stroke  - finally made our decision to help her to the Bridge in the arms of the people who loved her the most. Cory was truly “The Miracle Dog.”



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