We were adopted by a gentle soul 
He had four crooked paws
And a fleece of gold.
A retriever was he
Though he didn't retrieve
For the angels disfigured
His short crooked knees.
Still he smiled and he barked
And he protected our home
A quick trip to the back yard
Was all that he'd roam.
He'd snuggle up close
When we went off to bed
We knew we were safe
When he laid down his head.
My wife called him Lulupot
It was her little pet name
I knew him as Louie
The King of the Mane
When we would come home
Our hearts, he would tug
As he'd sit on his haunches
And give us a hug.
I loved that old dog
I can still hear him bark
When I sit really still
Alone in the dark.
Ol' Louie stands watch
On our living room wall
A collection of pictures
A plaster cast of his paw.
We'll never forget you
Our sweet dog of joy.
Thanks for letting us love you
Sweet dreams, Louie boy.


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