Sunny1Hi, there. I’m Sunny although I started off as “Savannah” and do I have a story to tell.

Ever since I was born 14 months ago I’ve had one terrible urinary infection after another. . . so it’s no surprise that I could not get the hang of housebreaking. The vet told my owner that I had a rare birth defect known as Ectopic Ureters. I thought “uh-oh girl…you ARE in trouble!” but it turns out to be just vet speak for “my ureters were in the wrong place.” Why can’t they speak English…or Dog? That explained why I was constantly leaking but still left me with some big time “plumbing problems.” Sadly my owners could not afford the cost of treating me so they called RAGofAZ and off I went to a new home.

Sunny2Over the course of two months I had 3 major operations and scarfed down a lot of pills to fight the infections. I did start to feel better though. As my ureters were being surgically attached one at a time I felt the sensation of a full bladder and I knew right what to do. Everyone was so happy when I squatted for the first time like a normal girl but it seemed pretty normal to me. But one problem remained—I was still a “leaker.”

Over the course of 5 months I had two wonderful foster homes and two potential adoptive homes but no one could figure out how to stop me from leaking. That was a big drawback for a lot of people and I wasn’t too happy about it myself. RAG did not give up on me, though. In those various homes I learned about a lot of things I never knew before: like there were other dogs and they wanted to play with me and, with my infections cleared up, I wanted to play with them! I also discovered something called a pool. Um, that’s me in the front. I got the tennis ball!

In an effort to figure out what was going on I went back to see my pal, Dr. Aguirre at Salt River Veterinary Specialists in Scottsdale. I listened while RAG and the Doc discussed me and couldn’t figure out why I leaked in the day but not at night. Truth be told, a little leaking can be common in young gals like me who had just been spayed. But I’m different. My internal plumbing is a little weird (trying to be discreet here). Doc took me in the back for an ultrasound test. When he came back he said everything looked good and he said that it all went back to the initial birth defect! I wasn’t leaking from my bladder after all. When I squatted down to pee most of it came out but some went the other way and got stuck until I ran around and shook it loose. So, thought my doc, let’s try a new approach. Right after I go potty we get someone to throw a tennis ball for me to chase and I will do my leaking outside instead of on the floor. Hey, I can do that! Shake it off, baby, shake it off, I can make this work.

Sunny3Don’t you know that the very next day RAG came up with a new mom for me and she brought a Golden sister to meet me and we hit it off. She likes to swim and my new house has a pool. That’s me in front and Snow White in back. She is a great friend. Now when I go out to pee my new mom sends Snow White out to play with me so all my leaking is done before I come in the house. Snow White told me that she is happy to make that “sacrifice” for me! I couldn’t be happier and I’m real glad that RAG didn’t give up on me. I’m too darned cute to give up on and I love my new Forever Home!


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