Oldest Golden: Honey

14 Oldest Honey 280

Honey came to us as Sasha at 2 years old. She'll be 15 in October. She had been adopted out twice and returned before we got her.

She had separation anxiety and chewed through 2 door casings, chewed door knobs etc.

Was not socialized. We went to some training for aggressive/fearful dogs off and on for about 3 years. Did some obedience and rally classes. Then at about 7 we found agility! She blossomed. Got her first championship at 11 1/2 and the second at 12 1/2.

She's a great hiking buddy, loves to swim. After our boy golden, also a RAG dog, Gamer died she became Daddy's girl. Daddy says she's 14 going on 2.

She's still playful, loves walks, and will still do a perfect agility course! We are so glad we got her, she's our baby girl. Tiny Za Za Za


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