September: Abby

09 September Abby 280

Meet the Abbster! Abby is an eight year old rescue, a sweet Golden mixed with Border Collie. She’s my “wild child.” A retriever and a herder. And small at 39 pounds.

She’s my buddy, my walking partner. We easily do a few miles in our neighborhood plus we’ve done mountain hikes. My daughter-in-law “borrows” her occasionally to “take a hike”!

Her vet records seem to indicate she was abused or rehomed numerous times. Why?

Abbs is very protective of me, her home and those she is comfortable with. I call her my “barking beauty,” as she lies at the front window and watches her world go by. My kids think this is great, since she is “on alert.” But on a walk…she’ll “size you up” and continue on or lie down, expecting a belly rub!

Once a huge boxer burst from his gate and attacked her. She fought back, protecting me! I knew not to come between them. As I’m yelling, a neighbor came out and we chased the bully back to his yard. Abby had three bites on her tummy. What if I had my young grandson with me??

She puts her toys away at day’s end, likes kitties, isn’t fond of the rain but will sit out on the patio, soaking up the sun!

Abby sleeps on Charlene, a large stuffed dog, is not a bed sleeper but will hop up in the early hours for snuggles.

As Paul Harvey was known to say ~ “Now you know the rest of the story!” of my Abby.


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