January: Shiloh

01 January Shiloh 280

In early November 2019 Shiloh arrived from Mexico. He had been found, abandoned in an old brick factory. Shiloh had a fracture injury to his right front paw, infection had set in and so the lower portion of his right front leg had to be amputated.

Shiloh’s arrival was just a few weeks after my sweet golden boy Murphy had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I had not been without at least one golden in my life since 1981, so Shiloh began to fill that empty space in my home and heart.

Shiloh fit right in with my other 2 dogs and 3 cats, which was a huge relief. Unfortunately, his surgical site was infected, but with daily treatments it is now all healed. He has loads of toys and stuffed animals to entertain him and he loves when people come to visit, he gets so excited.

I have fostered several hundred dogs over the past 25 years and he has tested me in areas I didn’t know existed. He has separation anxiety and he is still adjusting to his new physical disability. I know in time his past will be just that, his past. He is showered with love and plenty to eat and every day I keep reassuring him he will never be abandoned or hungry again. My heart breaks when I think of how frightened he must have been, before he was rescued.

RAG of AZ thank you for bringing sweet Shiloh into my life.


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