From bedraggled stray to beloved family member...
read her story and watch her video below.

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Maggie, a twelve year old Golden, was found as a stray and spent two weeks at a local shelter waiting for her family to find her. She was the shelter workers' favorite. She was always happy, loving and eager to play fetch if the workers had time to throw the ball for her. She was overweight, dirty and had difficulty moving her back legs, unless she had a ball to retrieve.

A RAGofAZ volunteer rescued Maggie from the shelter for us one morning. The volunteer drove Maggie to her own home to stay until it was time to meet with a veterinarian for an appointment that afternoon. When the vet visit was over the volunteer took Maggie home again until after dinner that day. Maggie took great delight in visiting with three Golden boys and a RAGofAZ family that would play fetch with her.

Because of the wonderful team of volunteers that we have and the loving welcoming families waiting to adopt a senior golden just like her, we were able to find Maggie an amazing forever home that same day. After dinner, the volunteer drove Maggie the rest of the way to her new family who embraced her with open arms.

Over the next month Maggie was treated to a spa visit where she was groomed and pampered, and visited the vet again for X-rays, blood work to check her health condition, dental work, and medicine to help with her arthritis. We have received photos over the month documenting Maggie's progress. RAGofAZ has also reported back to the shelter, giving them an update and thanking them for letting us give Maggie her new beginning.

If you want to see how Maggie is progressing, click on the video below to watch her doing the activity she loves most, that is beside just being in the presence of her adoring new family.  


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