The Magnificent Seven Coming Soon from Mexico

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The Seven Magnificent Goldens are preparing to wing their way from Mexico to Arizona. Some, for the first time, will enjoy regular meals without having to scavenge for them. They will be groomed in preparation for their journey and to look their best when they meet their new families.

They arrive on Friday, July 26th via Volaris Airlines Flight 974 at 2:31 PM at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  Track their flight


From Mexico: The Magnificent Seven

  • Buddy-19-036-Home-at-last.jpg
  • Buddy-19-036-on-way-to-family.jpg
  • Buddy-19-036-with-family.jpg
  • Coby-19-039-in-new-home.jpg
  • Coby-19-039-with-new-family.jpg
  • Karma-19-035-in-new-home.jpg
  • Karma-19-035-in-new-home2.jpg
  • Karma-19-035-in-new-home3.jpg
  • Karma-19-035-in-new-home4.jpg
  • Karma-19-035-with-new-buddy.jpg
  • Kayla-19-038-and-Bob-Elk-going-to-Pet-area.jpg
  • Kayla-19-038-arriving-in-Phoenix.jpg
  • Kayla-19-038-at-home.jpg
  • Kayla-19-038-on-ride-home.jpg
  • Kayla-19-038-with-family.jpg
  • Kiara-19-037-at-home.jpg
  • Kiara-19-037-at-home2.jpg
  • Kiara-19-037-with-family.jpg
  • Kiara-19-037-with-new-companion2.jpg
  • Max-19-034-with-family.jpg
  • Max-19-034-with-new-companion-2.jpg
  • Max-19-034-with-new-companion-3.jpg
  • Max-19-034-with-new-companion.jpg
  • Oso-19-040-with-family-r.jpg
  • Oso-19-040-with-family-r2.jpg
  • Oso-19-040-with-new-friend.jpg




For twenty years, RAGofAZ has been rescuing lost, abandoned, and displaced Golden Retrievers from our own communities here in Arizona. Now the call for rescue comes from across the ocean in China and South Korea, and from our neighbor to the south, Mexico. In partnership with dedicated international rescue organizations, RAGofAZ has saved dozens of Goldens who had been wandering the streets in search of food, and running in fear from abusers or certain death. We refuse to sit by and do nothing while these precious animals wait helplessly for rescue and reprieve. We fly these dogs to America where they receive medical care, life-saving surgery, nutritious food, and the warmth and love of a forever home at a cost of between $1,000 and $4,000.

Our work must continue. Will you help save the life of a desperate Golden Retriever by donating today? Any amount is deeply appreciated. Because hunger, illness, and despair know no language, no culture, and no boundary.

Please note: Your donation goes to the organization, not just to the dog you selected or to international dogs specifically.  All donations go into a central fund to help all dogs.

Before they begin their journey to America, all international dogs are placed with pre-approved families.  If you want to be considered to adopt future dogs, international and domestic, please submit an Application to Foster/Adopt found on the website, and someone will contact you.  If you are already approved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Let's celebrate Ginger & her puppies!

Ginger s Ripley L Rufus NKA Oliver RGinger puppiesToday we’d like to share the story of a Golden we have been familiar with for several years and were finally able to bring into rescue a couple of months ago.

Many of you may remember the “Parvo puppies” who came to us in the Fall of 2014. Well, recently we got a call from that same breeder who had another serious situation on their hands involving Ginger, the mother of those “Parvo pups.” She’d had another litter and many of the new puppies had died, but three survived. The breeder decided to turn them into rescue. The transport volunteer had been involved with the Parvo puppies and quickly went to pick these new three up. Ginger, the mom, was ready to travel as long as she knew her pups were coming with her. The puppies were eight days old and still had their eyes closed.

The transporters named them Rosie, Ripley and Rufus and moved them quickly to the emergency vet. Rosie was almost immediately moved to the ICU as she was in such distress. Unfortunately, and despite the best efforts of the vets, Rosie barely made it through the night. Ripley, Rufus and Ginger were moved to their new foster home in Prescott. Ginger, an experienced mom, took really good care of the boys.

The boys, now two months old, were weaned and available for adoption. Eight year old Ginger, now finished with her mothering duties forever, is now an only dog loved on by Marilyn and David in Phoenix. Rufus, now Oliver, is also living in Phoenix with Arty and Denise and their family. Oliver now has a big sister Nala to teach him the ropes. Our little Ripley has been blind since birth as his retinas did not develop. RAGofAZ began a search for the right home for Ripley—one that would allow him to live his life fully despite his vision issue—but we did not have to look far. Robin and Toby, the foster family who took such good care of Ginger and her babies, have decided to be that family for Ripley. Ripley will have plenty of canine companionship and will learn to hike just like any other dog. Thanks to the support of our members and donors, RAGofAZ is able to react quickly to rescue dogs in need like these.

Ginger1parvo pup 2014While it’s easy to speak negatively about the breeder, we are so very happy that they knew they could call us and we would help them make the situation right (or as right as it could be at that time). Many breeders hesitate to call a rescue for fear of being judged. We won’t judge, we will rescue, educate and hope to make an impact that will help the breeder make different decisions in the future.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Ginger and all of her kids who came into rescue and found their way to fantastic forever homes. A success story in the making for a long time! We can’t do any of this without your continued support financially and from all of our volunteers.

Original parvo pups etc

 Update July 20, 2019 

We at RAGofAZ are so sorry to report that sweet Ginger has passed over the rainbow bridge. She had a previously undiagnosed condition that resulted in internal bleeding. Despite our vet's best efforts, she couldn't be saved. Ginger is now at the bridge with her puppies that passed before her, but she leaves Ripley and Rufus/Oliver as her legacy and will forever live on in our hearts.

12 December Mia


12Mia 280

Mia arrived at Sky Harbor on May 22, 2017 at 9:30PM, the temperature was a balmy 99 degrees. After traveling almost 9,000 miles she bounded out of her travel crate and into my arms.

Small Mia 2 20180614 170526 resizedExtraSmall Mia3819 resizedExcited to be free of her cramped traveling quarters she was ready to go………….anywhere!

Mia was rescued from the Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre of Guangyuan in central China, where she had been surrendered as a puppy.

She survived a bout of distemper, but was left with permanent nerve damage in her left front shoulder and leg.

Mia is sweet, loving and full of life. She doesn’t let her disability limit her activities. As a matter of fact she doesn’t even know she has a disability!

She adores her big sister Maddie and they spend their days hunting lizards in the back yard. Her favorite toy is her stuffed hedgehog.

Mia loves being an ambassadog for RAGofAZ and is now a seasoned veteran of the Tucson Home shows and giftwrapping at Barnes & Noble during the holiday season. Having a mom who is currently on the Board of Directors for RAG of AZ keeps Mia and her sister busy traveling all over the state of Arizona, sharing their golden love with everyone they meet.

Thank you to RAGofAZ for bringing this little girl into my life.

11 November Phoebe


11Phoebe 280

Beautiful Phoebe came to us from the same backyard breeder who gave us Bella. Phoebe arrived trembling with fear, filthy, covered with ticks, and sick with Heartworm.

Extra Phoebe2631 resizedExtra 2 Phoebe2724 resizedAfter a long and rigorous course of treatment that required three intramuscular injections, constant quiet and rest, she is now cured. Although her life is immeasurably better in her new forever home, Phoebe remains a cautionary tale. Heartworm is easily detected but expensive to treat and very hard on the dog. In fact, it can take up to 9 months until the dog is declared free of infestation. Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes . . . so it’s just bad luck if your dog gets bitten by a mosquito carrying the disease.

Phoebe wants you to know that Heartworm is totally preventable by using one of the medications on the market: Heartgard, Interceptor, and Advantage Multi, for example. They are all monthly applications, and your vet can advise you which is best for your dog. No one knows better than Phoebe that the best cure for Heartworm is prevention!

10 October Melbourne


10Melbourne 280

I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and I lived there until I was three years old.  My home life was pretty tough, but all of that changed when a nice person from RAGofAZ rescued me.

Extra Melbourne Sydney3721 resizedExtra2 Melbourne3696 resizedIn July of 2017, I and four other rescued Goldens were flown to Phoenix.  When the Transport Team took me to my new home, I was so excited I could barely control myself.  I ran through the house and gave my new Mom and Dad several hugs and kisses.  My Mom said I looked really skinny, so she makes sure I get plenty to eat.  She calls me the happiest dog that she has ever seen. 

My Dad takes me for walks every morning and evening.  Boy, I love going on my walks and trying to chase the bunnies in the neighborhood.  Also, I was happy to find out that I had a new sister, an Australian cattle dog named Sydney.  Within a week we became best buddies.  Sydney and I have daily wrestling matches and we take turns chasing each other around our big back yard. 

I guess my Mom is right, thanks to RAGofAZ, I am the happiest dog ever! 

09 September Espy


09Espy 280

Espy (Esperanza Jane) was adopted from RAGofAZ in August of 2017. While she is good with other dogs, she absolutely loves people and attention. She greets every visitor with a smile and then rolls onto her back to get her belly rubbed.

EspyExtra resizedEspy Extra2 resizedShe’s at her happiest when she knows she’s going for a walk or better yet, a car ride. She loves sticking her head out the window and having the breeze in her face.

She has become quite the runner since her rescue, as she runs through the neighborhoods of Glendale on a 3 to 5 mile run, knowing there’s a treat for her at the end.

One can always find a missing shoe in her bed as she loves the security of having the human connection close to her while she sleeps.

An avid follower of the Buffalo Bills, she loves watching the games in her Bills jersey, rejoicing both in the game itself, but also the attention she receives. Espy is a beautiful dog both inside and out and is loved by all those who come in contact with her.

08 August Bella


08Bella 280

Bella was rescued from a backyard breeder with numerous medical issues from having too many litters. Most alarming was a diagnosis of Valley Fever with an astounding titer of 1:256, a number that should have put Bella in a coma at best.

Our vet immediately began treating her with Fluconazole and ordered quiet and “bedrest.” Bella was not cooperative. She was observed jumping over lawn furniture while chasing bunnies and showing no signs of being sick. We were further flummoxed when her chest x-ray returned “pristine” . . . inexplicable since the lungs are the primary site of infection. Despite standard treatment, Bella’s titer remained high so she was brought to a specialist for infusion therapy with IV drugs. Thankfully, her titer dropped to 1:32 and she appears to feel great.

Bella2904 small resizedBella2963 small resizedBella now lives with a loving new family and her Golden sister, Kona. She wants you to know that all dogs should be tested for VF annually. Treatment is easy except for girls like Bella who prefer to write their own rules.

07 July Jake & Morgan

Jake & Morgan

07Jake Morgan 280


The first three years of my life I lived in a breeder’s backyard with no human companionship. As an answer to my prayers, the breeder gave me to RAGofAZ.

Jake Morgan extra small resized


My new family showered me with love and taught me how to be an inside dog. Now I’m a proud ambassador for RAGofAZ and welcome dogs to my home who need a temporary sanctuary until the perfect family is found. I gladly share my toys and food - but never my bed because I sleep with my mom and dad. #Lifeisgood.


For days and days I wandered around the hot desert hungry, thirsty, sick, scared, and lonely. Where was my family? Why had they abandoned me? Then one day a man passing by took me to the shelter. I was very sick and needed to see a doctor. Thank goodness RAGofAZ rescued me. During a month of love and care my foster family saw through my matted fur and sad eyes and decided I needed to be theirs. They adopted me, and I was home at last. Now I go with mom to RAGofAZ events to share my story. #LoveMyLife

06 June Caesar


06Caesar 280

Caesar was rescued by RAGofAZ in January, 2009, at the age of six. Caesar, now over 15 years old, continues to subscribe to his lifelong ideal that youth is not a time of life but a state of mind. He possesses a constitution unlike any animal we have ever enjoyed.

small CaesarEXTRA resizedsmall Caesar Extra 2 resizedCaesar believes we grow old by deserting our ideals and he just can’t wait for breakfast and dinner. Being with his family is all he desires with the exception of a daily game with his sister, Star. Did we mention his favorite food is popcorn? There are no words to describe the pleasures Caesar has given us and he has enriched our lives beyond belief.

05 May Rose


05Rose 280

A timid, scared 3 year female golden arrived at our home May 2014, after being surrendered to RAGofAZ.

Not knowing her history, we needed to watch and learn, as she did the same of us. We felt a special connection to her and decided to adopt her as our own.

Extra2 Rose3320 resizedExtra Rose3341 resizedWe took Rose on her first of many trips to the Midwest to meet families in Minnesota/Wisconsin. She is a wonderful travel companion. We bring her to our cabin in Northern Wisconsin to enjoy nature walks, pontoon rides, jumping off the dock and retrieving in the clear northern waters. Over the past years we have enjoyed traveling with Rose in 15 states, numerous National Parks, and visiting friends.

Rose greets us every morning and when we return home, with full love in her eyes, her smile and wagging tail. She entertains us with humming as she watches us have dinner. She loves to watch movies with animals, and runs to the computer if she hears an animal video. Rose also shows every dog that visits how to jump in the pool.

Once Rose realized she was here to stay, her personality blossomed into the lovely Golden Girl she was meant to be.

Our “Secondhand” Rose is just what our home needed.

04 April Blu


04Blu 280

I had just moved into my Phoenix home in 2006, and wanted to adopt a Golden. I checked   RAGofAZ’s web site and there he was. It was love at first sight for this gorgeous “two year old male” named Blu, rescued from the Prescott Animal Shelter.

small Blu 3157 resized001 Blu 500Our fostering period revealed problems from his prior treatment, as Blu would cower for hours under my dining table and could not travel by car for more than five minutes without vomiting.

We began a program of 3-block trips to a local park for extended and joyful retrieving sessions. Blu is now a very relaxed if not bored back seat driver. At fourteen years, Blu is active and alert. He welcomes his daily massages, often flopping to remind me. He has a choice of couches and rugs for resting; given his large size and bountiful hair, he happily ignores my higher bed. His only visit was shortly after my return from knee replacement while resting in a weakened state. As the home visit nurses approached my bed, syringe in hand, Blu leapt up, straddling my body and making clear any menacing invaders would have to go through him.

Blu is a fun, loyal and generous companion. I am so very grateful to RAGofAZ for enabling.


03 March Joey


03Joey 280

Ten years ago we fostered an eight month old golden called Bronco for RAGofAZ. He was in such turmoil from his breeder that he would do alligator rolls when leashed, would run away inside or outside the house and hide under beds or in bushes and shiver at the thought of human contact except for his Rescue Mom.

Small 2 Joey resizedsmall Joey3274 resizedHis first night with us, he stood shaking in the lawn for hours and fell asleep standing as he had no idea what any surface was other than a metal crate.

We showed him kindness and love, changed his name to Joey and decided we needed to adopt him now. We felt strongly that very few could offer the attention, dedication and commitment needed for this puppy. Continued love and training has produced the most loving, gentle and affectionate dog ever.

Joey is now Delta certified and does therapy visits at the Mayo Clinic. He brings joy and comfort to the patients and staff. Joey has been the kindest, smartest, most gentle soul of a dog we have ever had. We feel so blessed to have a healthy, happy and spry eleven year old and at the same time are speechless to comprehend a life without him.


01 January Luna


01Luna 280

Luna is a rescue from South Korea. Her owner dumped her in front of a factory and the local villagers fed her scraps as she scavenged for food.

She hid when the dog meat traders would come around.

Someone contacted a member of a local rescue organization who went to save her before the butchers found her.

Extra2 Luna Small resizedThanks to the RAGofAZ network, Luna was transported from South Korea to Tucson, by way of Los Angeles. We were insanely anxious during her voyage. Since landing in her forever home, we have provided her with a stable, secure and loving environment.

We have established routines around feeding, sleeping, “getting busy”, and quiet time which have all seemed to calm Luna and build up a trust that she no longer has to wonder where her next meal is coming from.

Luna is no longer the timid little girl that we had to carry over the threshold in the first weeks she was with us. In a very short time, she was house broken, snake trained, crate trained, understood basic commands and became an expert in cuddling on the couch. She has demonstrated the ability to socialize with Extra Luna Small resizedother dogs and humans. We are so lucky to have her and love her to bits!

00 Cover Dog Tug

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Introducing our 2019 Calendar Cover Dog


Scroll down to read about our monthly calendar dogs. 

Click here to view a remembrance of our companion Goldens who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this year.

Click here to see Goldens from across the globe placed by RAGofAZ into new loving homes! 

00 Tug cover page 450

Hi. My name is TUG. I’m 3 years old and a happy-go-lucky guy. My life was not really all that happy before I was rescued. I had something called Parvo. I’m not sure what that is but I sure was sick! I remember being picked up by a nice couple from RAGofAZ and rushed to a hospital. Lots of people in white coats poked me with needles for about a week. It wasn’t fun but I started to feel better so that was good!

00TugBACK COVER Tug 280Next thing I knew, a nice lady came to get me and took me home! Not only did I get a new mommy, I got a sister named Madison! She taught me everything I needed to know, like how to swim, how to stay out of trouble, and how to share all my treats with her. I LOVE the pool! I love to jump into the pool before my mom catches me…..and I’m very good at it. 

My Mom is the best! She takes me everywhere with her. She always reminds me that I’m so lucky to have been rescued and that it’s our job to spread the word about adoption. I’m proud to help get the word out by being a smiling face on your wall this year!

Four more Golden lives saved!

korean flag1

more lives saved

These four South Korean dogs, like many others, have short biographies, all with common threads. They were rescued from the dog meat industry, they are so young, and all they have known is pain and suffering. All are so young because they don’t survive long enough to become seniors. Please help us rescue more of these souls by clicking the Donate button and making a donation. Help us to continue our Golden life-saving mission. If you already have a Golden, give him or her a big hug, and hold them close.


Transportation of rescued dogs from South Korea to LAX is dependent on volunteers to be their escorts.  Bonnie and Bella are still coming, but their arrival is on hold until they find a flight volunteer. 

Shipping dogs from other countries to America via Cargo Plane is way more expensive than via a passenger plane with an escort. The foreign rescues look for people who have plans and airline tickets to LAX. They contact those people and ask if they will help save Dogs' lives by being an escort. If they agree, they become Flight Volunteers (FV). RAG pays for the dogs' airline tickets, the rescue delivers the dogs to the airport with required paperwork. When a designated FV cancels their flight, the rescues have to find another fight volunteer for those dogs.

If anyone flies to Korea, or have friends and families that do, and they would like to be a FV, please contact Scottie McGowan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


13 034 Bonnie

Welcome Bonnie     5 Months Old

She was rescued from the DCMT (Dog & Cat Meat Trade) and has suffered so much in her short life.
Bonnie so desperately wants to be loved. She’s never really been shown love or kindness. She is friendly, playful, and sweet and loves everyone.






18 024 BellaWelcome Bella     1 Year Old

Bella was rescued from the DCMT (Dog & Cat Meat Trade) and has known only suffering and pain.

She desperately seeks love and safety.






Arriving on Monday, July 30th LAX International Airport, 4:20 PM PDT/MST

Asiana Airlines Flight OZ 204

Departs Seoul, South Korea Monday, 8:50 PM KST (Monday, 4:50 AM PST/MST)



18 032 BenWelcome Ben     2-3 Years Old

He was rescued from a dog meat farm.

Ben is a handsome boy, and he is popular at the shelter.






18 033 MiloWelcome Milo     2-3 Years Old

He was rescued from a dog meat farm.
Milo is a handsome boy He is sweet and very friendly he wants reassurance that he is safe and wants to be loved.


Ben and Milo's Journey

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Previous ◁ | ▷ Next

Before they begin their journey to America, all international dogs are placed with pre-approved families.  If you want to be considered to adopt future dogs, international and domestic, please submit an Application to Foster/Adopt found on the website, and someone will contact you.  If you are already approved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Meet Boomer--a recent arrival from Mexico!

17 047 Boomer flag

Three Scoops of Vanilla Online Fundraiser (2)

three scoops1



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On Friday, November 16th, Three Scoops of Vanilla is hosting a one-day online fundraiser benefitting RAG of AZ at

RAG of AZ will receive $15 from the sale of each of the two featured bracelets, which each cost $45. In addition, RAG of AZ will receive 25% from the sales of any other items the day of the fundraiser.

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bracelet black agate grbracelet amethyst jasperjpg

Important: Please view this video on how to measure your wrist for bracelets. Do not add extra length; when you order, indicate the exact wrist circumference.

Information on the beads:
• Golden Retriever silhouette bracelet:  soft black matte agate beads with engraved stainless steel bar.
• Paw Heart bracelet:  amethyst and jasper beads.


• Shipping within U.S. is free.
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Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the medical care of the Golden Retrievers we rescue. Thank you for your support.       

Bella had a rough beginning...but now she's living the Golden life!

Bella dogdoorBella here…..yes I had a rough beginning, but now I’m living the Golden life with my best Golden buddy Sedona and my forever loving and caring Mom……

Bella1I was discovered to have diabetes and valley fever when I was rescued. After many, many trips to the vet to check my blood sugar, everyone tells me I’m getting adjusted to these needle pricks to get my insulin…..every time I eat….but that’s ok as long as I’m eating….

Bella2Bella3My favorite thing in life, besides eating… getting my daily dose of human love and attention. I love going to the Dog Park, walks in my new neighborhood, did I mention eating, and just hanging out with my best family ever!

BellaThank you Rescue A Golden for finding me and giving me the best ever dog life!Bella4

00 Cover Dogs Lady and Neutron

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Introducing our 2017 Calendar Cover Dogs


Scroll down to read all about our monthly calendar dogs. There are lots of bonus photos on our website this year!

Click here to view a remembrance of our companion Goldens who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this year.

Click here for a sneak preview of our Seniors and Special Needs Goldens.

Click here to see our new feature on Working Goldens.

00Cover LadyNeutron 450

A former long time RAGofAZ Board member, Ed Karsten, also enjoyed a satisfying career as a Dispatcher for the Phoenix Fire Department. Unfortunately, he passed away last year after a lengthy illness. In tribute to Ed, we photographed his two Goldens, now with a new home, at the “Hall of Flame Fire Museum.”

Below are their stories along with Lady and Neutron in front of the Dispatcher’s desk that Ed knew so well.

Neutron Lady 1 500LADY: I was rescued from a pond in Buckeye and reluctantly entered my new dad’s life. At first I really missed my previous home, but it didn’t take long for him to show me how much he loved me, and then it wasn’t long before I returned the love. We had three cats to play with and to cuddle with at nap time. I made sure the cat’s bowls were clean when they finished eating. Dad referred to me as his “Better half.” My favorite pastime is schmoozing people at RAGofAZ events.

Neutron Lady Dispatch 500NEUTRON (aka KNUTE): Dad showed up at our door to transport me to my next forever home, but somewhere during the ride we won each other’s heart... and the rest is history. I live to chase tennis balls! I kept putting them in Dad’s lap for him to throw until his pitching arm got too tired to continue. Dad sometimes tried to trick me into believing he had thrown the ball or he would hide it, but he couldn’t fool me. I always found them, even if it meant moving a cat from one end of the sofa to the other.


01 January Kody

01January Kody 280 KODY was born in November of 1999 and came to live with us in June of 2009. Fortunately we had just retired so were able to devote our full and well-deserved attention to Kody.

Kody loves to be with his people. He is a wonderful adaptable traveler who has accompanied us on many trips all over the Western US.

Kody 500Kody loves his animal family, too, which currently includes Maddy (a rescued Labrador Retriever we adopted in 2011) and two kitties named Mitzi and Bogie. Kody has been a invaluable mentor and friend to Maddy who was used as a puppy mill breeder and had never previously lived in a real home. These two older dogs have bonded and become inseparable.

Kody is an extremelyintelligent boy. For example: He loves toys that look and sound like cows. One day Kody completely emptied the large basket of its many dozen toys. He then sorted through them and placed all the cows in a separate pile of their own and lay down next to his little herd of bovine friends.

Waterfall Kody750Kody loves people and is a bit of a show-off when company comes. He will disappear into our bedroom and retrieve his bed dragging it down the long hall to the living room. Then if our guests don't pay enough attention to him Kody will disappear again and return dragging Maddy's bed to show them.

We love and adore our old golden boy who has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives!

10 October Jayce and Gus

10October JayceGus 280 JAYCE is the best big brother that GUS could have!

Jayce arrived in rescue in 2008 from a sister rescue in Oklahoma at 10 months of age.

Jayce Gus 1 500He lived with his sister Golden until 2014 when the tornado known as Gus arrived as a young puppy. Gus is one of five puppies who came into rescue with the parvovirus--all the pups were lucky to survive. Jayce showed Gus the ropes when he joined our family and now they are inseparable. They both love to play ball, with Gus being totally ball obsessed. Jayce is a pool diving expert while Gus still has not decided whether swimming is right for him or not.

Jayce Gus 2 500We feel so very lucky to have both boys in our lives.

02 February Bo

02February Bo 280 BO was meant to be ours. I work for a very busy corporation and I never answer my personal phone when I am working. On this particular day, my cell phone rang and I decided to answer it, even though I didn’t recognize the number.

Bo playtime 500Bo in grass 500A very kind lady said “I believe we have a Golden that would be a good match for your family”. She went on to explain that Bo was a one year old male, from a good home. Just what we were waiting for. We met that weekend and I fell in love. Bo now entertains us daily. From the potato chip bag over his head when we left the chips out accidentally to his little sneaky baby steps across the yard when he is sneaking up on his sister, Tilly. Oh and by the way....he needed hip surgery two weeks after we took him in. Thanks to RAGofAZ, he was taken care of right away. Bo bounced right back and is living a happy, active life with Tilly, Jake and Jessie, the cat.


03 March Goldielocks

03March Goldilocks 280 GOLDIELOCKS began her journey to RAGofAZ as a stray in a Flagstaff shelter where she was claimed by the owner of Highland Puppy Rescue, who named her “Goldie” and contacted RAGofAZ.

 Goldie, about 2 years old, was one very sick little girl.

Goldielocks 2 500Having recently had puppies she was undernourished, had tick fever, dual ear infections and a skin condition. Arriving here at her foster home exhausted, all she wanted to do was sleep. My heart was immediately captured by her gentle, sweet and loving disposition despite all that she was going through. Recovering with medication, Goldie’s puppy personality came alive and I fell in love with this amazing girl! I became a “foster failure” and Goldie officially became Goldielocks, the little lost girl who had found her forever home.

Goldielocks 3 500I am so blessed by Goldielocks and thankful for all the RAGofAZ volunteers who assisted her journey to her forever home!

Goldielocks loves the outdoors and enjoys daily long walks, hikes and trips to the arboretum. Her backyard faces open desert and she spends hours stalking the quail, rabbits, and occasional javelina, from her side of the fence.

04 April Steve

04April Steve 280 STEVE “the Wonder-Dog”

He is a wonder indeed! With the severities of our family going on, Steve seemed to fit into every aspect of our daily life in so many ways. He has a way of melting the hearts of everyone he meets.

Steve head shot 500Most likely you are asking why is it so?

We make our daily one mile walks every morning and evening. Bob, my husband and I are very quiet neighbors and generally fly under the radar so to speak. Well, Steve has many neighborhood friends and leaves “cookies” in the mailbox for his friends as we go. He also remembers the holidays and makes sure we tie a ribbon on them when it is a special time. He even has a black and white cat friend named “Bootsie” that watches for him every day and vice versa.

Steve’s tribute from Kay:

Steve therapy 500Hi our Steve Friends and Family;

Steve in grass 500Our Steve the Wonder Dog was more than a dog. You see, he had the world in his paw. He was the ambassador for two schools for the children, and was a National trained dog for the VA State Veterans Home at Steele Park. They cried to see him because we know that there are few visits. We visited twice a month. Especially the holidays. Dressed up of course. He would dress up for the kids and they loved that too. On top of it all, he had saved his Dad's life twice. Once in June from heart failure alerting me something was wrong he led me to my husband's bedside. On Feb. 2nd he alerted me as he was in full kidney failure. Now a dialysis patient three times a week. If it were not for Steve, I would not have my husband. Valley Fever matatazied in his brain and took him in less than a week. This loss is beyond words of hurt and a broken heart. The joy of watching Steve is only in memory. We are devastated more than anyone could imagine. Our Wonder Dog is part of our life that will always remain.

05 May Fred

Into everyone’s life a clown dog must enter. Or should. A Golden who pulls a smile from the saddest face, whose eyes light up a room, and whose antics induce non-stop laughter.

He is the dog who absconds with the bagel he grabs right out of your hand, who transplants your designer throw pillow to his favorite chair, who wakes you from a sound sleep for a belly rub, who proudly interrupts a romantic dinner with his loudest burp.

Fred sitting 500Freddie is perhaps an unlikely candidate for the clownish life having been found by border patrol officers wandering the desert lost and alone. RAGofAZ came to his rescue and brought him to us, his new forever family. Having just lost a beloved Golden, we were unsure if we were ready for another “heart” dog. Freddie would have none of it. On day one, he jumped onto our bed and went belly-up, ready to unpack his bags and settle in.

Tango500Since then, he has been the laughter in our lives and the devoted companion of his blind and aging “brother.” He remains now and forever the dog who loves to play the clown and who, when asked to strike a pose, sticks out his tongue.

Freddie has become a guide dog of sorts to his beloved companion, Tango, a 13 year old RAGofAZ rescue. Tango, nearly blind and with only one eye, cheerfully follows his bud everywhere . . . especially because Fred knows where the dinner dish is!

06 June Devin

06June Devin 280 When DEVIN came to us in June of 2014, he brought with him a bio asserting that he got along well with cats and other dogs and was physically ready to blend into our already active lifestyle.

Alas, it would take several months of patience and understanding before he accepted our eight-year-old Norwegian forest cat.

Devin 1 500As for other dogs, Devin prefers them on the other side of the highest walls possible. The most serious issue, however, was diagnosed a week after his arrival — a severe congenital heart defect. A complicated heart procedure followed, made possible by RAGofAZ. Although it did not fully remedy the situation, it has lessened the imminent danger. Devin loves his daily 3-5 mile walks on trails, in parks, and throughout the neighborhood, and he is forever ready for a sprint after the squirrels that share his backyard.

Devin BW 500Following that first summer with us, I wrote that Devin may not have the heart of a marathon runner, but he quickly became and most certainly remains the true heart of this family.

07 July Reagan

07July Reagan 280 REAGAN came to RAGofAZ through the Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso. He had been a stray and was approximately 15 months old when he came to Arizona.

He was a TALL, skinny boy and ALL puppy.

Reagan swimming500Reagan went to two other homes before he joined our family which included two older goldens, Sherman and Barkley. He was starved for attention and being a puppy, had a lot to learn. We started training immediately. We learned last year that he was bi-lingual, so learning some commands in Spanish has made it a lot easier with his training. He has since completed 2 levels of his Canine Good Citizen.

Reagan ball 500Reagan is a big goofy, loveable guy who thinks all dogs and people, particularly children, are on this earth for him. He is a great ambassadog for RAGofAZ, loving all the attention he can get at our events. His favorite things in life besides people, include swimming, walks, car rides, snuggling with mom and dad any time he can and of course eating because he thinks he is starving.

Thanks RAGofAZ for allowing him to be a part of our lives. We look forward to seeing all the things he has yet to accomplish.

08 August Samson

08August Samson 280 This is my pup named SAMSON
a desert dog enamored with the sun
Often referred to as a gentle giant
but to tennis balls, a tireless tyrant.

SAMSON 1 50020 hours of sleep per day is his regimen
while his owner hustles for those Benjamins
to purchase his overtly expensive food
quickly escalating his lethargic mood.

Copious allergies once plagued his life
causing hot spots, baldness and much strife.
New food, medication a foregone conclusion
were the cure for his sensitive constitution.

SAMSON 4 500Upon returning from work I’m met with disbelief
and excitement requiring bladder relief.
Like his owner, Sam loves to swim
From a pool, you cannot keep him.

It’s true our dogs have golden hair
and I know Samson’s heart is gold in there.
Happier with a companion I could not be
all because of the incredible work from RAG of A-Z.

09 September Chloe

09September Chloe 280 CHLOE
I‘ve been ‘collecting’ Golden Retrievers for about 30 years, often in pairs, and always a senior, since I’ve been adopting with RAGofAZ.

These Golden oldies are sweet, affectionate and usually well trained.

Chloe laying down hat 500My 3G (gorgeous golden gal) Chloe is no exception. We walk daily (great exercise) and the neighborhood kids gravitate to her to share hugs, sloppy kisses and secrets too, I’m sure! Her wagging tail is non-stop and her laughing expression allows them to feel comfortable in approaching her.

Chloe has an abundance of heart and it reflects her true Golden style.

I was told she’s too young to be in the ‘oldest Golden’ category.... Yay! May she be my companion for many more years, as she follows me from room to room, we do ‘meet and greets’ at the mall or just meander down our street.

Goggles Chloe 500My Chloe, my Love.

11 November Jackson

11November Jackson 280 JACKSON 
When we lost our first Golden of 12 years in 2008, we knew that there would be more Golden dogs in our life. We contacted RAGofAZ about the rescue process,

telling them that we wanted an older “puppy” and maybe 2, definitely female.

Jackson 1 500In July of 2009, we were contacted by a volunteer about a couple of puppies she was fostering, 2 six-week old, male pups.

Several weeks later we were the proud parents of 2 rambunctious Golden pups. Jackson and his brother, Harley, re-introduced us to the joys of puppy parenting: eating Christmas ornaments, chewing holes in Oriental rugs, and tearing up any newspapers and magazines that were within puppy-reach.

Jackson 4 500Jackson has been a part of our lives for 7 years. We lost his brother 2 years ago and were worried that Jackson would be lonely. Jackson, however, thrived on all the attention he received being an only-dog. He 

loves to go on walks and chase the lizards. His absolute favorite thing in the world is playing “snowball.” This consists of Jackson romping through the snow while someone throws snowballs his way, for hours on end! Life is better with a Golden in it, and we are thankful every day that Jackson is in our lives!

12 December Holly

12December Holly 280 HOLLY came to live with us in May of 2015. She is December’s Christmas Angel whose life as a puppy was doomed until she met the caring people at RAGofAZ.

Their all-volunteer team jumped into action and through fundraising events and donations raised the necessary money to pay for Holly’s surgeries and veterinary care. It’s a miracle that this little angel became part of our family—a happy home with loving owners.

Holly cactus2 500Our precious Holly was born with Megaesophagus, which kept her from being able to eat and digest food. After she received her desperately needed surgery and veterinary care, she needed to be fed small amounts of food, six times a day (all while sitting on my lap in an upright position). For us, it was truly a labor of love to help her. She pulled at our heartstrings.

While she is part of our entire family, Holly and Bill are almost inseparable. She’s always at his side—whether he’s napping, eating, or walking. She loves to cuddle.

Holly toy onback 500When Holly is not hanging out with Bill, she takes toys out of her toy box one by one, then returns them one by one to the toy box. She is our very special Angel all year long.

Links of Gold Golf Tournament Details

LOG 2016 Logo Draft 2 Maddie

Links of Gold Golf Tournament 2016 Details

11:00 Golfers Registration Begins
11:30 Optional Free Putting Clinic
12:00 - 1:00 Putting Competition
1:15 Golf Carts Ready to Go
1:30 Golf Scramble Begins
5:00 Buffet Registration Begins
5:30 Yappy Hour
6:30 Golf Awards & Buffet Dinner
7:00 Program
7:30 Raffle Prizes Awarded

Golf Tournament Prizes

  • Putting Competition
  • Best Foursome
  • Closest to the Pin Men & Ladies
  • Longest Drive Men & Ladies
  • Hole in One $10,000
  • Hole in One prizes on 3 other holes
  • Foursome Best Poker Hand

Golf Features

  • Beer Tasting
    - Golfers will have the opportunity to sample 3 beers from the Scottsdale Beer Co
    - These craft beers will also be available at the banquet
  • Buy-a-Drive
  • Mulligans
  • Putting Competition
    - If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by a drawing
  • Poker Hands Competition
    - At the 14th “Golden Dogleg” hole each member of the foursome will be dealt 2 playing cards
    - At this hole golfers can win another playing card if the ball lands within a circle
    - At the 15th hole the foursome selects their best hand and registers it

Some of our Fabulous Raffle Prizes

  • Weekend Stays at various hotels in and out of the state
  • Foursomes at some of the finest golf courses around the state of Arizona
  • Guitar signed by Alice Cooper!
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Tickets for Arizona’s Professional Sports Teams
  • Restaurant dinner gift certificates
  • Autographed lithographs, books, prints
  • Commissioned portrait of your Golden Pet
  • Golden related gift packages
  • Off road excursions and boat trips
  • Theater and Symphony tickets
  • Spa visits and beauty treatments
  • SWPGA Golf Pass


Links of Gold Golf Tournament 2015 Raffle Items

Baskets for Links of Gold


Premium Raffle Items
1. SunRidge Canyon Golf Foursome with Ping Putter and Ping Golf Bag
2. Hand Made Dog Toy box with toys; certificate from Animal Medical and Surgical Center for Veterinary care including Vaccines; and See Spot Shop Gift Certificate for Grooming
3. We-Ko-Pa Weekend Stay including Breakfasts and Dinners and Golf Foursome
4. Dean Koontz Basket with Limited Edition Signed Book and other related items in RAGofAZ Tote Bag
5. Diamondbacks--Four Infield Box Seat Tickets, Diamondbacks gift items and $50 Discover Card
6. IPad Air Basket with accessories
7. Scottsdale Camelback Resort(2 Bedroom Villa—sleeps 6) & Roaring Fork gift certificate in RAGofAZ Tote Bag with accessoriesRAGofAZ Tote 2
8. Inn at Eagle Mountain 2 night stay and Golf certificate
9. Tom Tom Golf Watch with Ping Putter, Ping Golf Bag & 2Golf & Sport Therapies Gift Certificates
RAGofAZ Tote10. Red Agave Resort Chalet 2 night stay; Cuccina Rustica and Dahl and DeLuca restaurant gift certificates and Verde Canyon Railway coach seats for 2 and RAGofAZ tote bag with accessories

Standard Raffle Items
1. Baby Boy Basket—great gift items for the new baby boy
2. Baby Girl Basket—pretty clothing and accessories for the baby girl
3. Night at the Symphony with Dinner for 2 at Alexi’s Restaurant
4. Pete & Mac’s Recreational Pet Resort—3 night stay for your favorite canineRaffle Basket 2
5. Dr. Woodrow—Day Whitening for a Beautiful Smile
6. Camelback Women’s Health—4 Body Contouring Treatments
7. Diamondback Tickets—Four Infield Box Seats
8. Scottsdale Gun Club Gift Certificate and $50 Discover Card
9. Beauty Basket with Argan Oil products, jewelry and Tamra Smith Hair Style Gift Certificate
10. Coffee Time Basket—coffee maker and accessories and $50 Pottery Barn Gift Card
11. Christmas with the Kids---Dean Koontz Books and items for holiday night with kidsRaffle Basket 1
12. Entertainer’s basket ---glass canisters, decorative items and $50 Crate and Barrel gift card
13. Evening in Scottsdale—Scottsdale Center for the Arts and Sassi Restaurant Gift Certificate
14. First Time Cook’s Basket with Hamilton Beach slow cooker and accessories
15. Dining In Basket—for an evening at home-- with $50 Crate and Barrel Gift Card
16. Four Legged Friends Basket—with gift certificates for veterinary care and toys for your dog
17. Mickey Mouse Basket—all things Mickey Mouse and certificate from AZ airtime jump centers
18. Mini Office Basket---office supplies, accessories and $50 Discover Card
19. Movie Night Basket—enjoy a cinematic night at home with $50 Discover Card
20. Picnic Basket with Gift Card to Carraba’s Restaurant
21. Small Dog Basket---items for small dog or puppy from Petsmart
22. Spa Basket---Luxury spa items plus Pedicure gift card from Diva Nails
23. Pamper Yourself Basket—Luxury spa items plus gift certificate to Revive Spa at the Marriott Desert Ridge
24. Sugar and Spice Girl Basket---for your girl canine with grooming from Petsmart
25. Tea Time Basket—teas and accessories-with $50 gift card to Crate and Barrel
26. Yoga Bag---RAGofAZ Bag with Yoga certificate, yoga items and Simply Kim’s Hairstyle card
27. Curious George Basket---All things Curious George including large wall décor item
28. Golden Lover Basket—all things Golden for your favorite dog and a Dog Bed
29. Spa Basket with wine, soap and jewelry
30. Pinot’s Palette—enjoy an evening with friends, with OHSO restaurant gift card
butterfly31. Butterfly Wonderland basket---admission tickets, hats, tees and other accessories
32. Start Cooking—Specialty bowl with cooking essentials and $100 Pottery Barn gift cards
33. Mason’s toy box—in memory of Mason—hand made toy box, dog toys and accessories
34. For my rescue and me---treats for your dog and you
35. Southwest Flight Center—Scottsdale Air Park—Flight simulator time & $50 Charleston’s restaurant card
36. X Golf Scottsdale—enjoy some time with 12 to 15 of your friends with X Golf Simulators and cocktails

Sweet Skye has found her forever home!

UPDATE:   Sweet Skye has found her forever home!

Our RAGofAZ foster mom has already brought Skye to meet her new family. Skye will now have a "new" mom and three 4 legged "new" siblings.

Thank you for the amazing support we received while looking for Skye's forever home.

RAGofAZ has the BEST members/supporters.

Skye is "home".... and oh so very happy.

Thank you.


Hi there! My name is Skye!

pictureI am a sweet, funny, petite two year old Golden girl looking for a special home. I have an eye condition which will eventually cause me to lose my sight. I can see now but the "specialists" have said that at some point I will have limited to no vision...they can't say when that will be but for now my limited vision doesn’t slow me down. Since I have been with my RAGofAZ foster mom & dad and canine brothers I have no problem finding the dog door, toys and the tender touch of my foster mom & dad.  But don't be sad, this will not stop me from living a full and happy life.  All I need is a family with a little patience and some TLC.

I would love to have another dog in the house, for company when my human is away.  And someone who is home more often than not, as I have been called a Velcro dog.....who loves to be close to my favorite person. I have not shown any interest in swimming  with my canine brothers so if you have a pool, it would be best if it is fenced off or you can close your dog door when you leave. I am a typical Golden girl who has a beautiful soft coat and loves being brushed. I love to go for walks and for rides in the car and just hang out with YOU.  One more thing, please don't move the furniture.

If you pick me to be your special pup, I will promise to be the best pal you would ever ask for.  I have a lot of love to give, and won't let my eyesight stop us from having a wonderful life together. 

If you think you might be my special family,  please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let them know.  I am waiting for YOU! As they say...the Skye's the limit :)

Thank you.


12 December Wally

Wally was eighteen months old when he came into rescue. He had lived an isolated life with his previous owner and manifested some odd behaviors.

He went to live with one of our trainers who showed Wally love and consistency.

Wally was always spitting up as he was suffering from IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). With some corrective medication and diet, Wally no longer suffers the way he did. After months of looking for just the right family, Wally has moved to his forever home where a Golden sister has shown him how to live in a family and that life can be wonderful!

“What a joy it is to add handsome Wally to our family! He’s energetic and is the stellar keeper of the house. Who knew that Wally would be the best cuddler/snuggler as well as an expert ball catcher?”

11 November Marley

Marley came into rescue about 3 years ago—a frightened puppy due to past neglect. He had trust issues with humans as he had been abandoned by his owner.

With a good deal of patience and love, Marley has turned into the biggest lover bee on the planet. Happy that his mom works from home, his favorite activity is resting in bed with Mom and listening to everything she says!

An avid swimmer, ball chaser and smoocher, he is truly living a dream life and loves volunteering as a therapy dog with kids and as an ambassadog at PetSmart. Marley loves his new life and is a perfect example of a success story in rescue. Thank you RAGofAZ!


10 October Kenzie

I met my mother 3 years ago on Mother’s Day... how fitting is that? I think I was about 9 weeks old and I remember my foster mother describing me as a grown up dog in a puppy’s body.

Well, my independency has not escaped me but, oh, have I learned to love!

I love my family, walks and hikes, the snow, endless fetch, car rides, pillows, human beds and food. But I don’t like being left behind and will hide myself in the car when bags are being packed. I am so thankful that RAGofAZ rescued me from the pound and that my forever family loves me more than words can describe. I am lucky to have homes in both the valley and the mountains.


09 September Lily - Dashiell

Lily joined our family in 2004, one of 65 Goldens rescued from an Arkansas puppy mill. Having spent her first two years in a cage producing multiple litters, Lily took to the great outdoors with much enthusiasm.

She has the most amazing, loving spirit and a powerful tail that rarely stops wagging, earning her the nickname “Thumper.” A neighborhood charmer, it can easily take 2 hours to walk around the block as Lily greets her public.

Dashiell came to us in 2010 with the name Diesel, which seemed inappropriate for this goofy yet elegant Golden. Named after the writer D. Hammett, Dashiell is a very tall Golden who, while he doesn’t necessarily know what his tail is doing, always knows when it’s dinnertime. He is a smart, big hearted and affectionate soul, the star of his doggie daycare and a convenient pillow for his sister, Lily.


08 August Thor

When rescued in July 2013, two year old Thor looked sickly, acted very lethargic, and was timid from being moved from home to home. As the smallest Golden Retriever we had ever seen, our Thor, at that time, certainly did not personify the hammer-wielding God of Thunder known as Thor in Norse mythology.

In addition to being malnourished, he suffered from Valley Fever and tick infestation.

Strong and athletic, our Golden Retriever now lives up to the mythology, particularly in Thor’s role as a protector of mankind. Nicknamed “Thor by the Door”, he dutifully protects his human parents and the family home by standing guard with his back to the front door or wherever he feels he can best protect us.

When not guarding the front door, Thor brings joy with his fun, mischievous personality and his infectious smile. He loves meeting people, playing with other dogs and chasing rabbits. Confident, loyal and playful, Thor, now 4 years old, has blossomed into everything we could hope for in a Golden Retriever! We love and appreciate Thor. Thor has found his forever home thanks to RAGofAZ.

07 July Chacho

07CHACHO July290CHACHO—PROUD. LOYAL. DEVOTED. Chacho stands proud, his eyes reflecting his immeasurable love and devotion to his family. Chacho was adopted in May 2013 to join our recently adopted girl, Cider, who needed someone to match her energy level.


We certainly got that, and now our house is filled with Golden antics. Chacho loves to eat, and has been known to get himself into trouble seeking out snacks while we are gone—opening cabinets, closets and the pantry in search of what he finds edible. Chacho and Cider are now inseparable and can be wrestling one moment and climbing into our laps to show affection the next.

Chacho loves his morning walks, afternoon naps, going for rides and, of course, dinner time.

Both dogs are adventurous and love spending time with us on camping vacations where they can explore and relax outdoors. Chacho has given us the love we did not think could be replaced after losing our previous dogs. We are fortunate to have Chacho and it is our mission to give him the same love and devotion he gives to us on a daily basis.

06 June Angel

Angel was rescued two years ago this month from an unloving and unkind world. She touched a deep place in our hearts and came into our family at a special time.

Who knew we would soon need an “angel” to help us overcome tremendous grief at losing our precious old Golden girl. In a short two years we have been through much together and if possible we love her more each day.

Angel is a wonderful ambassadog for RAGofAZ and loves the attention she gets at our gift wrapping and meet and greet events. She has even been a welcoming foster sister when a new RAGofAZ dog needed a place to stay for a few days.

This last Christmas, Angel got a younger Golden sister which has delighted her. They snuggle, play together and fill our home with joy and laughter. Angel and her sister Cozy are passionate swimmers. They jump with abandon into the pool to catch tennis balls thrown for their pleasure.

We are so grateful to RAGofAZ for rescuing our amazing girl and letting us be her forever family.

05 Jake - Crystal - Morgan

Three year old Jake had never been inside a house when he arrived at our home, so we introduced him to the doggy door.

At first he would go outside to play and come back in to pee and poop. But he quickly learned the right order of things. Jake is so smart and has a repertoire of tricks. He was Crystal’s best friend and the two would wrestle and play until they were exhausted.

Princess Crystal came to RAGofAZ in 2009 from a loving family moving overseas. We succumbed to her charm and with the cat’s approval she stayed. She was an exuberant ambassadog, Home Visit Diva, and best travel buddy. Crystal went to the Rainbow Bridge in October 2014 after a brave battle with cancer. This sweet girl is very much missed.

In 2012, RAGofAZ took in 3 year old Morgan as a stray with pneumonia and Valley Fever. He needed a good deal of medical care to prepare him for adoption. After a month of giving him that care, Morgan decided he was home and we agreed. His favorite pastime is hunting lizards and getting belly rubs at Meet & Greets. With those soulful eyes, he charms everyone he meets.

04 April Lexi

04LEXI April290LEXI IS PEOPLE. At 15-1/2 years young, we still believe she understands almost everything we say to each other. Lexi was adopted at 5 months and already had all the symptoms of bad hips.

That did not stop her from long walks, swims, and even pool diving for many years.

Today Lexi still loves to do laps in the pool, but spends most of her time relaxing and watching the world go by. Lexi was never really interested in other dogs, not even her rescued Golden sisters. She preferred meeting new humans with a big smile and almost frantic tail wagging. She never met a man, woman or child she did not like at first lick.

Also, unlike her sisters she never wants the spotlight. We often have to find her for dinner or a walk as she never would ask for anything. She trusts us, and we trust her.

Love is my dear old girl Lexi.

03 March Rocky

After previously adopting a Golden in 2000, I thought I could never go through the heartache of such a loss again after 13 wonderful years together.

In November 2014, I found myself thinking about adopting again. Just as I was warming up to the idea, Rocky was undergoing a serious operation to remove 18” of rope that he had eaten. Rocky very nearly died. That is when the stars began to align for Rocky and me. I believe we needed each other and that it was meant to be. Rocky is one of the most affectionate and loving dogs I’ve ever known and I spend every day trying to make up to him what he had missed before his rescue. However, I will always be so grateful to RAGofAZ for bringing us together.

He is one very special dog and I love him to pieces.

02 February Amy

Three years ago, a dedicated RAGofAZ volunteer found Amy at a shelter. Her front legs had been badly injured when she was hit by a four-wheeler.

Through RAGofAZ, Amy got the vet care she needed and went to a wonderful foster home to recover. Today Amy is a happy and healthy 12 year old.

We think that Amy is really a cat in a Golden Retriever body. She purrs; she has many cat friends in the neighborhood; she enjoys sitting with the cat rescue at meet and greets; and she sleeps 23 hours a day. Although initially afraid of most dogs, Amy has learned from patient canine friends that dogs are just as nice as cats!

Thank you RAGofAZ for rescuing our sweet and gentle Amy.

01 January Tilly

Tilly came to us through RAGofAZ as a 7 year old. She is now about 9 years of age. Tilly must have had a hard life – she came to us with some medical problems that were easily fixed. However, she has other problems not so easily remedied.

Tilly was apparently never well socialized in that she does not know what toys are, and has no interest in them at all. Imagine a Golden who doesn’t know what a tennis ball is! Even after two years of trying to interest her, toys are still completely ignored. Her happiness is being in the same room with us – that’s all she wants. She seldom barks – and then only if her fur brother, Simpson, starts it. She is a loving, sweet girl. Tilly does like an occasional short walk outside, but mostly prefers lounging around the house where she can keep an eye on us.

00 Cover Dog Gaia

2016 Hearts of Gold Calendars

blue button order now

Introducing our 2016 Calendar Cover Girl GAIA!

Scroll down to read all about our monthly calendar dogs.

Click here to view a remembrance of our companions who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge this year.

GAIA cover1

WE FELL IN LOVE with Gaia’s beautiful eyes seven years ago. Eleven months old, she arrived at our Sedona home with her tail tightly tucked under her... frightened, afraid of men, children and cars.

All of our lives made a positive change that day. When Gaia met our beloved dog, Akiva, they played as if they had known each other forever. Gaia knew she was in her forever home that would fill her every breath with love, patience, compassion and... training! She quickly learned to walk on a leash and other commands, which enabled her to visit schools and assisted living facilities.

Gaia is the mascot of Purple People Inc. and accompanies us to book signings. Her favorite tricks are “high fives” and flipping food from her nose to her mouth.

Gaia adores her canine sister, Tara, who is a Canine for Independence Hearing Dog. They both love to be brushed and groomed in the morning. At home or in the car, Gaia always finds a way to position herself next to Tara with her head resting on her.

Grateful to have Gaia’s heart of gold in our lives, we thank the volunteers and supporters of RAGofAZ.



Until we meet again


"Until we meet again..."

I will never know what I did to deserve such an awful life full of abuse and neglect. My life had become so sad and lonely it was like living in an endless, dark tunnel. I remember looking up one day and seeing a bright light shining at the end of the tunnel. The light was so bright I thought that God must have sent an angel to finally end my suffering.

God did send an angel, he sent you. The bright light I had seen was your smiling face. You promised me that my days of neglect and abuse were over. My battered body and broken spirit hardly dared to believe it was true.

You opened your heart and your home and gave me more love and comfort and safety than I had ever known before. You gave me the softest bed my tired, aching bones had ever felt and more toys and attention than I had ever dreamed existed.

I no longer cringed when a hand was raised near me, because your hands had only kindness and treats to offer me. I no longer feared the sound of feet approaching, because your feet had never kicked me, they had only taken me on wonderful adventures to exciting new places.

Although "quantity" of time can be measured in days and weeks, there is no way to measure the "quality" of time. So there is no way to really measure just how deeply your love and devotion affected my life. But sometimes, even love & devotion and all the medical attention in the world can't heal a body that has been battered and broken for too long.

So please do not be sad that I am gone. You performed a miracle in what little time we had together. You made my spirits soar and helped my soul find peace and contentment. From the day I met you I never suffered again, not even at the end.

Just knowing that my memory would live in your heart forever gave me the strength to let go and find my way to Rainbow Bridge. So go forward from today with only happy memories of me in your heart and let them give you the strength to keep on lighting up sad, lost lives.

Remember I will live forever in your heart and in the stars up above and my star will shine brighter with every life that's touched by your love.

Author Unknown          

Help us Help Mason

Mason 15 0282Mason is a two year old boy who was just surrendered to RAGofAZ. Mason is having mobility issues and is unstable on his feet. Despite the efforts of his family to determine the problem, they cannot afford the veterinary expenses involved in

ragofaz mason new 1

 making a good diagnosis. After a full set of spine xrays and an MRI, a tumor was discovered in his hip. We are waiting for the results of the aspirate of the tumor to come back before we determine our next steps. Surgery is likely in his future. We are committed to doing what we can to restore Mason’s mobility! ragofaz mason newRAGofAZ turns away no dog for medical reasons and it looks likes Mason’s care will be expensive. If you’d like to help defray the costs of Mason’s care, please click here and hit the Donate button. Please include “for Mason” in the subject line.

We are always looking for special foster and adoptive homes for our special needs dogs. We have been very fortunate to find homes in the past---Sophia, now Holly is doing very well in her new home. (See her photo with her new mom.) 

ragofaz holly home1
If you think you’d be interested or would just like more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’d love to hear from you!



Mason 15 0283

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Mason, our two year old little boy that we told you about has made his way to the Rainbow Bridge. Mason was being treated at one of our specialty vets in Tucson for lack of control in his rear legs. After x-rays were taken; bloodwork performed; and an MRI, the doctor found a tumor in his hip. The mass was aspirated and, because of Mason’s age, we were so very hopeful that we could amputate his leg to save his life. Unfortunately, the pathology of the tumor is such that the cancer is a very aggressive osteosarcoma and that Mason was in significant discomfort. The kindest thing we could do was to release this boy from his pain and send him on his way.

We have been so touched by the support, both financial and emotional, that you all have given us with Mason. Your generous donations will help defray the nearly four thousand dollars that we spent to try to help him enjoy the fullness of life that every dog deserves. RAGofAZ turns away no dog for medical reasons. We have had great success with the five puppies that had parvo and also our Holly (formerly Sophia) who had megaesophagus surgery. We are able to do these things because of your support and we only wish we were able to do more for this sweet Golden boy. Godspeed, Mason.

12 December Lucy

December Lucy290

With almost 9 years of memories, Lucy was an extra special Golden that we miss dearly. From the day we adopted her from RAGofAZ, she instantly became part of our family.

She loved her treats-- patiently waiting by the pantry door throughout the day. With a huge smile on her face, she happily went on car rides and walks. It seemed she was trying to tell everyone where she was going all the time carrying her leash in her mouth.  She loved to swim--it was her favorite thing to do.  We don’t know how, but somehow she knew without anyone saying a word, that we were upstairs changing into our swimsuits. There she was, waiting eagerly, standing at the door to the pool.   Lucy would when sit by my side, chin on my lap, big eyes looking up at me, and then she put her paw in my lap. The most unique thing we remember about her is how she always waited until the last person went upstairs to bed. She would follow behind them, but not before she grabbed a shoe to take with her. We will always keep Lucy and these memories in our hearts forever.

11 November Lightning

November Lightning290

Thunder and Lightning, a bonded pair, found their forever home in October 2010.  It had been a difficult few months for these girls.  Their first owner had passed away leaving them without a home.

 We feel very lucky to have been able to adopt these fabulous sisters.  They were wonderfully trained, love to cuddle and are the first dogs we have ever had that just lay down and WANT to be brushed!!  Unfortunately, we lost Thunder to cancer in October 2013, but Lightning has moved on strongly.  She has found a new routine with an expanded family of two other orphans (bearded collies!) that also found themselves without a home.  Lightning is the sweetest dog we will ever have!

10 October Tinker Bell

October Tinker Belle290

Tinker’s life began, thanks to Rescue a Golden of Arizona, when they did a puppy mill rescue in 2008. When she was rescued from the puppy mill, she was a very timid frightened little girl.

 Tinker adopted me September 20, 2008.  Today Tinker is happy, sassy, brave, playful, loving, and a toy hoarder. Every day she runs at mach speed in the back yard past her beloved fur companions as a reminder, perhaps to herself, that she is free. She has brought me so much joy, and I am grateful to her rescuers and foster mom for bringing her along to where she is today.

09 September Simba & Tango

September SimbaTango290

Simba and Tango became a duo in November 2013 when we realized that Simba appeared to be mourning the recent loss of his companion dog, Lady.  Sad eyes, we thought, he seems lost.

 RAGofAZ had recently taken Tango into rescue after a wonderful foster family had saved him from being “dumped.”  An oldie but a goodie, Tango had eye, skin and ear problems, weak hind legs, and needed to be altered.  But all we really wanted to know was if Tango needed a home – our home.  Simba and Tango connected immediately and have been inseparable ever since.  Simba has always been outgoing, energetic and affectionate while Tango initially seemed “folded in.”  Over time, as Tango regained his health and strength, Simba has helped him learn to assert himself and discover his “inner dogness.”  Now, we can’t even say the word “park” without the two of them running around and wagging their tails furiously.  And both of them will beg for petting and attention, lavishing love on everyone they encounter…especially us!

08 August Sadie

August Sadie290

At the end of April in 2010, Sadie came into rescue from Yuma at the age of 9. She was dirty, smelly and had severe ear infections along with mammary tumors.

As fosters, we took her to vet appointments, nursed her through surgery, cleaned her ears and fell in love.  One month after her arrival, she became an official ElkHound.  Sadie is the girl next door – everyone and everything loves her. She now, occasionally, pays it forward by helping with new dog evaluations and at the age of 13 sleeps through Barnes and Noble Gift Wraps with one eye open – just in case there are cookies involved!

07 July Sasha

July Sasha290

We are so blessed to have Sasha in our lives. Sasha is a very happy little girl.

She loves to give kisses when you come home from work or even if you are just away for a few minutes. She is such a loving and joyful girl. We are so blessed.

06 June Rocky & Molly

June RockyMolly290

Rocky and Molly are inseparable “best buds” and enjoy one another as playmates.

  They are always learning from one another, sharing and taking toys from one another, diving and playing ball in the pool, walking every morning, and being “golden bad” together.  Rocky having had no puppy life is learning from Molly how to enjoy a “golden” life playing with toys, enjoying belly rubs, and eating hibiscus flowers.  We are so grateful every day to RAGofAZ for bringing us this sweet duo!

05 May Maddie

May Maddie290

Maddie, RAGofAZ's "Mom of the Year 2012," came to rescue with 6 young puppies. She and her 2 day old puppies were found abandoned shortly before a winter storm struck northern Arizona, a storm that the young family surely would not have survived.

to a group of guardian angels, the young family was safe and thanks to RAGofAZ, Maddie and her puppies are now in loving homes.

Maddie is sweet, joyful and loving. Her days are filled with chasing lizards or tennis balls and just hanging out with me. She waits patiently hoping her friend Jesse, who drives one of those brown trucks, will stop and deliver a package and a doggie treat. She knows the sound of his truck and runs to the door when she hears him coming down the street!

Maddie loves to go shopping and being an ambassadog for RAGofAZ. Her latest endeavor is to become a Therapy dog, so she can share her love and happiness with even more people.

I tell her every day she is my special girl and every day is special with my Maddie. Thank you RAGofAZ for all you do to bring joy and happiness to more loving homes.

04 April Cassie

April Cassie290

From the time that Cassie, originally Ruthie, was adopted from Rescue A Golden of Arizona, she was the light of our lives.

  We were lucky to have her with us for 9 years.  Everyone loved her, especially our customers. They want to greet Cassie even before saying hi to us!  We surely miss her, but what a blessing to have had her in our lives.

03 March Teddie

March Teddie290

Hi. My name is Teddie.  I was 15 in May of 2014.  I was actually rescued three times in my life.

Once by RAGofAZ Transport Team,  then by my Foster Mom who is actually my Forever Mom and then I was rescued again by my forever Dad when I was 9 (I actually coordinated the whole married thing). Dad came with a little dog “Lady” (must have been a golden in disguise) and I had a golden sister.  We added a funny colored golden brother and now we are a pack of five.  I have had to say good bye to many of my golden friends over the years and I know someday I will join them at the bridge.  I apparently still have some work to do.  I had surgery this year to remove a mass on my leg.  My doc, who we all call “Flag” at University 'cause we can’t spell the rest of the name worked some miracle for me and has given me some more time.  I am so grateful that my mom decided to become a volunteer at Rescue a Golden back in 1999 otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write this story about my wonderful life.  Thank you Rescue a Golden for giving me that second chance and I think my mom and dad are pretty grateful that I have enriched their lives so much with my unconditional love and spirit.

02 February Timmy

February Timmy290

 We are the classic "foster failures".  We were asked if we would be able to 'immediately' foster one of the Goldens brought in from El Paso, Texas.

We arrived for the meet and greet and Timmy marched to my husband's car and did not even look back!  My husband immediately bonded with this gorgeous light golden who was missing three toes on his back foot.  He needed orthopedic surgery to remove an old corrective plate which had "popped" off of his rear leg bone After the surgery we had an orthopedic brace made and Timmy now has developed a swagger only very confident Golden Retrievers possess.  The brace is used mainly as a walking boot to help correct his gait. Without the brace on, his is fast and very agile!  Timmy found a good friend when  Sasha, a Golden puppy,  joined our family at 16 weeks.  She keeps him active and entertained. . Thank you RAGofAZ for allowing us to adopt this wonderful golden boy!

01 January Finnegan

January Finnegan290

Finnegan came to RAGofAZ through the intervention of a concerned vet and another rescue group.  Finnegan was hit by a car, and taken to an emergency animal hospital by a Good Samaritan.

  He was diagnosed with a broken leg and placed in a splint.  Another rescue group wanted to help Finnegan, but could not afford the vet bills, so the veterinarian steered them to RAGofAZ.  The first surgery was not a success, as the bone had shifted and Finnegan required an orthopedic specialist.  While all this was going on, I was grieving over the loss of my beloved Golden Retriever, Oliver.  Oliver was my first Golden and was like a child to me.  When I told my fellow volunteers at RAGofAZ about the loss of Oliver, they knew immediately that Finnegan would be a great match.  His injury and second surgery were quite scary for me, never dealing with this before, but Finnegan was a trooper through it all.  He has such a sweet nature about him and is truly my lap puppy.  Anytime I sit on the floor, he comes over and sits down in my lap for a love.  I miss Oliver every single day, but the antics and sweetness of Finnegan have helped me grieve and put a smile on my face everyday.

00 Cover Dog Lizzy

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Cover Winner Lizzy

Lizzy spent the first 9 years of her life as a breeding dog in a dirt pen in Northern Arizona with only a juniper tree for shelter.

When Lizzy came into RAGofAZ in the spring of 2013, she was overweight and had a stomach full of rocks. She needed surgery to remove cancerous tumors, and had a number of other health issues that needed to be treated. Lizzy now lives with us on a ranch near Prescott where she enjoys two hot home cooked meals and snacks every day, as well as a morning hike and at least one car ride.  She has a choice of many soft beds to sleep in, including ours!  Lizzy has adopted dozens of stuffed animals and cares for them as if they were her puppies. Hiking and swimming are some of her favorite activities but chasing water from a hose is the ultimate fun!  A fantastic traveler, Lizzy has been in 13 states so far. She swam in the Atlantic Ocean, frolicked in lakes, streams and ponds in Pennsylvania, boated in Tennessee, and chased frogs and ducks in Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Lizzy enjoys every minute of her life and we feel lucky to share all those minutes with her. Is she spoiled you wonder?  We can guarantee it!

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RAGofAZ 3000th Golden


These dogs are waiting to hear about to Rescue A Golden of Arizona's 3000th  rescue!  Who will it be?
This Golden should be coming into rescue in the next month.  We will be celebrating the 3000th Golden at our Annual Meeting and our Golden Harvest Celebration, both in October.  In the meantime,  share your stories and photos about your RAGofAZ rescue to help celebrate the rescue of #3000!  Send the stories and photos directly to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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