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  $125 for 10  

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Introducing our 2020 Calendar Cover Dog


HOG 2020 Front Cover Graham 450

Graham was purchased from a breeder by a family who did not have time for him. They turned him in to the shelter at eight months old, stating he was “untrainable.” They thought that, at eight months, his “puppy stuff” would be over. In addition, the younger children would lie on him.

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January: Daisy

01 Jan Daisy 280

Daisy started life as an outdoor dog, living in a crate for the first year and a half. She was starved for affection and yearned for the security of a loving, forever home.

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February: Sophia

02 Feb Sophia 280

Sophia’s bio dubbed her a “wild child”!  Abby is my original wild child.  A seven year old Border Collie/Golden mix; also a rescue.  What could I do but ask for this pup to complete my home.

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March: Gabby

03 Mar Gabby 280

Lovable, Low Key, Protective, Happy, a smile on her face, and still a Mom -- My Gabby.

After being given six months to live, my now seven- year-old GABBY is my best special needs friend who was almost 4 when I adopted her.

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April: Chase

04 Apr Chase 280

In 2014 we lost our Golden, Hunter. Our other Golden Murphy was very sad. When he was ready, we found a cute little guy who we named Chase.  Chase was white except for some gold on his ears, weighed about 6 pounds and was as cute as could be!

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May: Buddy

05 May Buddy 280

When we lost our beloved Jake (also a rescued Golden) we immediately applied to adopt again.  Buddy (formerly Baron) came to us as a puppy rescued from South Korea. 

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June: Nash

06 June Nash 280

Hi! Nash here! June is my birthday month. My Mom rescued me when I was less than 7 weeks old from very questionable circumstances. I was way too young to be away from my birth Mom but my new Mom saved me.

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July: Mac

07 July Mac 280

Hi, my name is Macushla pronounced Ma Cush La, but just call me Mac. It means “my heart” in Irish.

People tell me I was born in Turkey but I'm not sure.

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August: Ivy

08 Aug Ivy 280

Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have our special girl Ivy as part of our family. Her arrival from Korea to the US was quite the journey, but we couldn’t have been more excited for her to arrive and to meet her!

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September: Lucky

09 Sept Lucky 280

Lucky’s rescue name suits him well.  As a stray, luck would have it that a phone call was placed to Rescue A Golden of Arizona who took him in and gave him all the medical attention he needed to get back on track.

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October: Duchess

10 Oct Duchess 280

Poor Duchess, she was not in very good shape when she came into rescue. She had already delivered several litters of puppies, was suffering from a variety of medical conditions, and did not appear to be very well socialized.

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November: Chance

11 Nov Chance 280

Meet Chance, our beautiful Golden boy from South Korea. When he arrived at our home he was about 30lbs underweight; his coat was in horrible condition; he had scabs all over him from his past living conditions and later we would learn he was heartworm positive.

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December: Mia

12 Dec Mia 280

Mia was selected to be the perfect companion for our other rescue dog Moochie, and they are inseparable.  Mia definitely reinforces why her breed is called Golden Retriever, as she hardly ever is found without a ball in her mouth, and she can play toss and retrieve for hours. 

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Golden Oldies: Duo & Koso

13 Oldest Duey Koso 280

Duo & Koso, born 10/25/04,  were rescued from a Kosovo dog shelter in late 2006 by Stephanie Harding, a police officer working for the United Nations.

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Golden Oldie: Zoey

14 Zoey Oldest 280

Zoey is a smart, loving, loyal companion who has completely captured our hearts!  We met her at age 8 at which time she needed a great deal of medical attention. 

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