It's time for snake aversion training!


rattlesnake1One Sunday a month through NOVEMBER

   toad1 Toads too!

Rattlesnakes may be silently slithering in your yard!


Teach your Golden how to avoid them.


 Master's Kennels in Gilbert, AZ 



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Vantage West Credit Union goes Golden


Each quarter, Vantage West Credit Union’s employees have a jeans day fund raiser to support a charity. Kelly Burch, a Tucson volunteer and credit union employee at a local branch, kindly nominated Rescue A Golden of Arizona (RAGofAZ) for the last quarter.
We were ecstatic when Kelly called to make an appointment to present us with a check for $970.00. Goldens Jake and Morgan proudly joined me at the Nexus Tucson Branch to accept the check on behalf of RAGofAZ.
Heartfelt gratitude to Vantage West Credit Union for its community outreach, to Kelly for nominating RAGofAZ, and to all of its employees who participated in this fund raiser. Many Goldens will benefit from the outpouring of generosity.

Toad Aversion Training--Tucson

Trainer, Jay Smith and a Sonoran Toad will be on hand to train your dogs to avoid the toads like he did with the snake.toad training

Date: Sunday, June 14th
Time: 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Place: 9745 N Calle Loma Linda, Oro Valley, AZ

All dogs are welcomed.

The cost for toad aversion training is $70 per dog.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register no later than Friday, June 12th.
Or call Scottie McGowan at 520.360.4414.

Morris Foundation


Reprinted from Morris Animal Foundation

Pet Cancer Checklist

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study update

For further information go to


Reprinted from The Arizona Republic

AZ Republic Pet Cancer



6 Tips for Socializing Your Puppy


Reprinted from WOOFipedia by the American Kennel Club


Mac Mindy 2A well-socialized and secure puppy is a happy puppy. This means helping him early on to feel that the world is a fun and safe place to be—whether encountering other dogs, children, or strangers on the street. Ideally, your pup will be content in any setting, and even when you’re not home. Give him plenty of stimulation, socialization, and encouragement or you will risk problems such as aggressive or fearful behavior, excessive barking, and separation anxiety.

Take your puppy to a dog park regularly, but don’t overstimulate him. And make sure to follow these safety/etiquette tips. If he doesn't enjoy the experience, though, don’t force him into it. Keep his social periods brief at first, so as not to overdo it. (Don’t allow socialization before he is fully immunized.) And always pick up after your dog, wherever you go.

To discourage separation anxiety—which often results in puppies engaging in destructive behavior—supply your pup with chew toys to keep him appropriately occupied in your absence. You’ll want to make sure that both his teeth and mind are busy.

Sometimes dogs need to work off steam in ways you don’t have time to provide. Consider signing your dog up at a dog daycare center, if there is one in the neighborhood, or hire a dog walker to take your pup on an extended walk to burn off energy.

If your puppy meets another dog on the street or at the dog park who seems aggressive, calmly lead your dog away. Never try to force an interaction that could turn dangerous.

At the earliest opportunity, take your puppy for a brief ride in the car. Stop by the vet’s office, just for a visit and a treat, so he considers it a positive place to spend time.

Because puppies sometimes see kids as equals, they may react to them in unpredictable ways. Put your pup into a “sit” or “down” when meeting toddlers or babies. He should never be permitted to jump on them.

How to Host the Perfect Puppy (or Adult Dog) Play Date


Reprinted from WOOFipedia by the American Kennel Club

ParvoPups at Play 1Here’s a fun way for you and your pup to have fun before the weather gets cold: Host a play date! Your dog will enjoy playing with other dogs (and learn valuable social skills at the same time), and you will enjoy hanging out with the other human beings (and, of course, the puppies).

Keep your guest list small at first—maybe even just two or three other puppies. You can expand as your pup matures. And until your dog is used to loud noises, don’t invite loud people. Invite your calmer, quieter friends, at least at first. As for the puppies, make sure they are all up-to-date on vaccinations, and that they are fairly calm and friendly. And keep them on a leash at all times!

Your house is the best place to host your first few parties, since you can control the environment and avoid the distractions that come with a park or other public venue. During the party, don’t forget to let the pups take potty breaks every 20 minutes (you might want to set a timer). In fact, the first few parties can end at 20 or 30 minutes. Eventually they might last as long as an hour.Knixy

If you also have plenty of healthy treats on hand for the adorable playmates—both canine and human—you (and your play dates) will be a hit!

Find out some great tips on socializing puppies here.

See a Golden Retriever puppy party in action here!

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