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Introducing our 2023 Calendar Cover Dog


00 cover lucy

November 2021 was a very sad month as my beloved Sedona went to the Bridge on November 8 and then on November 28th I had to send her adopted sister Bella to be with Sedona. My home and my heart were very empty.

A week before Christmas a volunteer from RAGofAZ called and said they had a Golden girl coming in from Mexico and could I foster her? Of course I said yes! I named her Lucy and on Christmas Eve she arrived from Mexico. Becky Wetzel and I drove to Anthem to pick her up. It was love at first sight, she was so sweet and calm. I quickly found out that Lucy is house broken, she loves being petted and she loves her toys. I spoke to Ann Marie Hoff, an animal communicator and she said Sedona had arranged for Lucy to come to me, because Sedona wanted to come back to me!

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January: Meet Penny

January Penny 1502 Big resized

Sweet little Penny changed our lives for the better in March of 2022. She arrived on a bus from Mexico, ready to begin her new life with us in Arizona. She was so friendly and loving from day one. Even on the drive to Tucson from Phoenix she couldn’t wait to climb in the front seat with us.

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February: Meet Lexi

LEXI 5625 Large Final

Almost a year after losing our beloved 12 year old Golden Riley, we knew we wanted to adopt a Golden and contacted RAGofAZ. We were told that it could be several months before we received a call, but just a few days after our final interview, we were told about a Golden needing a forever home. Lexi, along with several other Goldens, was rescued from a farm in China and was looking for her forever home. Ready to open our hearts and our home, we instantly fell in love with Lexi.

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March: Meet Ra

Ra 5977 Large 

Ra captured my heart on July 2, 2021 as a beautiful, loving 5 year old boy who was diagnosed with periodic, cluster epileptic seizures. Despite his diagnosis, we don’t allow those moments to curtail Ra’s life. He is an extremely loving, funny boy who enjoys his morning walks and he especially loves his time chasing smells and his tennis balls at the park.

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April: Meet Bella

Bella 1433 Big resized

Hi, my name is Bella! I came to my new home Friday, September 13, 2020 and it was a very lucky day for me. I flew in from Mexico and my Mom was there to scoop me up from customs. I was 6 months old and pretty much a street gal. I was afraid to come in the house, when we arrived in Tucson. My Dad had to carry me in!

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May: Meet Tripp & Tucker

TuckerTripp1 Large Final

Meet Tripp and Tucker, both from Rescue a Golden.

Tripp came to us in 2020 as a very young pup. His mother and all her pups were born with congenital cataracts and are mostly blind. He wasn’t with us long before we discovered he also had Parvo and had to be hospitalized for 4 days.

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June: Meet Lola

Lola cabin Large Final

Lola was one of seven beautiful puppies born into Rescue in May 2007.

While Lola spent her “puppyhood” in Arizona, we made the move to San Francisco a year later, where she quickly fell in love with chasing balls along the many sandy California beaches, making new friends at all the dog-friendly establishments (knowing which ones always had treats), and playing ball or lounging in the sunshine at Dolores Park (her favorite hangout!).

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July: Meet Levi

Levi 5708 main

Meet Levi!! Not only is he handsome but the personality on this guy is endless. He loves the camera, dressing up, doing tricks and can balance over 25 treats on his nose if mom stacks them right! Perhaps that’s why he has over 20K followers on his Instagram @life_of_mr_levi.

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August: Meet Flynn


Hi, my name is Flynn and I was born on February 11, 2020. I came to my forever home 8 weeks later and six months after my family's other beloved Golden Retriever crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My mom says I saved her broken heart and immediately brought such joy and happiness into the home. One look into my copper-colored eyes and you can't help but fall in love with me.

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September: Meet Abby


Howdy y’all!

I’m Abby, Ms. September. Mom calls me her Abbster, the Nagster, cuz I luv to walk and of course, she tags along. Our WoofTrax walking steps go to RAGofAZ.

I’m also her ‘wild child’. Dunno why, I just like to cavort and play! Now I can run wild on the plains of Texas! We moved here with Mom’s family; 2 boys that think I’m swell, 2 kitties (they’re ‘ok’) and our FMP, the T Dogg!

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October: Meet Zoey

ZoeyFlag3 main

Zoey came to Kate, Gary, Aimee and Alex after the loss of their RAG of AZ Golden, Kira and her sister Shadow. Kira and Shadow were loving companions, have been missed and as a family, we never thought we could find the same kind of love again.

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November: Meet Penny

November Penny5864 Main

Hi, my name is Penny. I came into RAG of AZ in the first week of May 2022. When I arrived I had a serious problem, I couldn’t walk. I was taken to a very nice veterinarian and after labs and x-rays, it was determined that I had a mass on my spine. I was given pain and anti-inflammatory medication and the next day I was up on all fours! My back legs were wobbly, but I was walking again!

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December: Meet Parker


Life is Golden

After losing our golden retriever Daisy after almost 16 years, we were not sure if we would ever be ready for a new furry friend. However, we did know that we wanted to help a golden in need and give them a great life. So, we took the first step and signed up with Rescue A Golden of AZ.

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