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The China 15

The Challenge ...

For fifteen beautiful Golden Retrievers who could have met a terrible fate in China, Valentine’s Day brought them the sweetest treat ever - a new life with loving adopters here in Arizona! In partnership with Goldens Without Borders, our indomitable Director of Golden Rescue, Bob Wood, spent nearly five months trying to engineer the airlift that would take these precious animals to JFK Airport and on to Phoenix and Las Vegas. Unfortunately, one problem after another delayed the trip, and we were beginning to despair that they might never arrive.
Airline crates at airport, Goldens in cars 

The Airlift ...

Finally, the big day came! Our transporters and adopters flooded Terminal Three at Sky Harbor Airport to greet these adorable refugees and take them to their new homes. The first group arrived to cheers from our volunteers and airline personnel - and promptly headed to the outdoor loo. But then, another delay. The dogs expected on the next plane were nowhere to be found. Dedicated Alaska Airlines employees called everywhere trying to track them down. And around 8:00 PM, out came the remaining dogs anxious to escape their crates. More cheers, more happy Goldens to welcome to the chilly desert.
Alaska Airlines plane and crates arriving

Happy arrivals from china

On the road again ...

There was a last leg to this incredible journey. Bob Wood - our weary resident road warrior - headed to Las Vegas to meet the remaining three dogs and encountered yet another delay, this time a snowstorm and delayed flight. He turned around and went home to sleep for about ten minutes before heading out again in the early morning hours. This time his perseverance was rewarded. Bob and our dedicated Director of Events, Becky Buck-Wetzel, left Vegas with three Goldens in tow. 

It was time to declare victory and go home! 

China goldens at home in AZ


Please, can you help us save some puppies?

Just a few months ago, our organization received a heartfelt plea from a fellow rescue, Golden Retrievers In Need (GRIN) based in Ohio. They were in the process of saving a large number of Golden Retriever puppies and mommas from Amish breeders in the Ohio and Pennsylvania area. The task was more than any one group could handle, and they wisely reached out to the broad-based network of Golden rescues. We said yes. Before we barely had time to plan, eight little furballs were on their way followed swiftly by another five and, along the way, a number of both male and female adult dogs that had been used as breeders. Potential adopters lined up to apply on our website, and no dog had to wait for a home!

Ohio puppies

While every aspect of our partnership with GRIN has gone brilliantly, that is not the case for all the puppies. Arriving without vaccinations, several puppies developed the dreaded Parvovirus, and were admitted to emergency hospitals for round the clock care. Happily, every brave little pup fought back and recovered, and are now growing like weeds in their forever homes. 
Ohio puppies enjoying their new lives
Ohio puppies at home

With all that said, we know that we could never have helped a single Golden Retriever, no matter how desperately they needed rescue, without you! Your dedicated support - as members, as volunteers, as adopters, as donors - makes miracles like the China 15 airlift and the GRIN puppy road trips possible. 

No matter where a Golden Retriever waits for rescue and reprieve, Rescue A Golden of Arizona will be there ... because hunger, sickness, and despair know no language, no culture, and no boundary.

Thank you!!!!