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Introducing our 2017 Calendar Cover Dogs


Scroll down to read all about our monthly calendar dogs. There are lots of bonus photos on our website this year!

Click here to view a remembrance of our companion Goldens who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this year.

Click here for a sneak preview of our Seniors and Special Needs Goldens.

Click here to see our new feature on Working Goldens.

00Cover LadyNeutron 450

A former long time RAGofAZ Board member, Ed Karsten, also enjoyed a satisfying career as a Dispatcher for the Phoenix Fire Department. Unfortunately, he passed away last year after a lengthy illness. In tribute to Ed, we photographed his two Goldens, now with a new home, at the “Hall of Flame Fire Museum.”

01January Kody 280 KODY was born in November of 1999 and came to live with us in June of 2009. Fortunately we had just retired so were able to devote our full and well-deserved attention to Kody.

02February Bo 280 BO was meant to be ours. I work for a very busy corporation and I never answer my personal phone when I am working. On this particular day, my cell phone rang and I decided to answer it, even though I didn’t recognize the number.

03March Goldilocks 280 GOLDIELOCKS began her journey to RAGofAZ as a stray in a Flagstaff shelter where she was claimed by the owner of Highland Puppy Rescue, who named her “Goldie” and contacted RAGofAZ.

04April Steve 280 STEVE “the Wonder-Dog”

He is a wonder indeed! With the severities of our family going on, Steve seemed to fit into every aspect of our daily life in so many ways. He has a way of melting the hearts of everyone he meets.

Into everyone’s life a clown dog must enter. Or should. A Golden who pulls a smile from the saddest face, whose eyes light up a room, and whose antics induce non-stop laughter.

06June Devin 280 When DEVIN came to us in June of 2014, he brought with him a bio asserting that he got along well with cats and other dogs and was physically ready to blend into our already active lifestyle.

07July Reagan 280 REAGAN came to RAGofAZ through the Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso. He had been a stray and was approximately 15 months old when he came to Arizona.

08August Samson 280 This is my pup named SAMSON
a desert dog enamored with the sun
Often referred to as a gentle giant
but to tennis balls, a tireless tyrant.

09September Chloe 280 CHLOE
I‘ve been ‘collecting’ Golden Retrievers for about 30 years, often in pairs, and always a senior, since I’ve been adopting with RAGofAZ.

10October JayceGus 280 JAYCE is the best big brother that GUS could have!

Jayce arrived in rescue in 2008 from a sister rescue in Oklahoma at 10 months of age.

11November Jackson 280 JACKSON 
When we lost our first Golden of 12 years in 2008, we knew that there would be more Golden dogs in our life. We contacted RAGofAZ about the rescue process,

12December Holly 280 HOLLY came to live with us in May of 2015. She is December’s Christmas Angel whose life as a puppy was doomed until she met the caring people at RAGofAZ.