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Karsten Bark in the Park 2018 Map
Golden Tales December 2017
To God, from the Dog...
The real problem with Wheat
Do you have your Golden's teeth cleaned?
Fun Facts about Dogs and Cats
Why do I have to wait so long to adopt a dog?
Calming Games for a Hyperactive Dog
For Dog Lovers - Why Do Dogs Like Ice Cubes?
For Dog Lovers - How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?
Harley W
Woof Down Lunch & Woofstock 2017
Animal Communication
Rescuing Goldens in other countries
Pima County Home & Garden Show
Rescue A Golden goes International-2
Rescue A Golden of Arizona goes International!
Rescue A Golden of AZ Cutest Golden Contest Video 2017
Benadryl for Dogs
Why Does my Dog Take So Long to Decide Where to Poop?
Do you have a deaf dog or a dog that is starting to lose their hearing?
Reading Pet Food Labels
Tribute to Norm Fee
Dog stays with owner for 20 hours after man breaks his neck
Vacation Tips 101 - Traveling with your Golden
Health Topics
Walk for a Dog
PACC911 Annual Doggie Street Festival
Bark in the Park 2018
Dog Hotel
Ranger...all I want
Wild Thing: Helping Overexcited Pets Calm Down
Brooklyn and Lola
Holiday Gift Wrap 2017
Ranger--We are looking for a special home for a special boy!
Old age is not a disease
2017 Calendar dogs Seniors and Special Needs
Annual meeting map
Leaving Pawprints on our Heart
Pumpkin is not just for Thanksgiving anymore!
Monsoon: It's Raining Frogs and Toads
CGC Voting Results for Week #4
CGC Voting Results for Week #3
CGC Voting Results for Week #2
Chris--When I Wish upon a Star
CGC Redirect page
Paws around the Fountain 2016
PACC911 & Earnhardt Ford's Adopt-a-thon
Dangers of Xylitol
Safety Tips for Using Heartworm Preventive Medications on Dogs
Steve the Wonder Dog
Archived Articles
Golden Note Cards
Gift Wrap 2015
Tribute to Ed Karsten
Reid Park Gift Wrap Map
Donations Poster
Cutest Golden Contest 2017 Winners
Voting Results for Week #1
CGC Voting Results for Week #1
Cutest Golden Contest 2017 Current Tally Sheet Week 1
Cutest Golden Contest 2017 Current Tally Sheet Week 2
Cutest Golden Contest 2017 Current Tally Sheet Week 3
Cutest Golden Contest 2017 Current Tally Sheet Week 4
PACC911 Paws around the Fountain Adopt-A-Thon
Snake and Toad Aversion Training
Save the Date-Links of Gold 2015 Golf Tournament
2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is the Jim Click Raffle Car of the Year
Rainbow Bridge dogs
Rainbow Bridge background
Bark in the Park Tucson 2015 Schedule of Events
Golden tales July 2014
Golden Tales May 2014 for newsletter
Needles Up
Lands' End
Lands End Ordering Instructions
Fry's Community Rewards
CABRA Microchip and Vaccination Clinic
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For as long as I can
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The Adoption Process
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