Don't miss the excitement watching our new dogs fly to America.  Go to, type in the flight number, and send them good vibes as they fly across the expansive Pacific Ocean to a new life.

Cola KoreaCola: Arrives Wednesday, April 11th at 9:50 AM (Arizona time)
Asiana Airlines Flight OZ0202
Departing Inchon, Seoul 2:40 PM Wednesday Korea time (Tuesday, April 10th, 10:40 PM Arizona time)
Arrives LAX 9:50 AM PDT Wednesday





Riley 18 012Riley:Arrives Saturday, April 14th at 9:23 AM (Arizona time)
Korean Air KE017
Departs Incheon, Seoul at 2:30 PM Korea time on Saturday (Friday, April 13 10:30 PM Arizona time)
Arrives LAX 9:23 AM PDT Saturday








Updates coming soon.