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We have a lot of action and excitement for our newest international Golden. 

Lexi is our newest rescue from South Korea, She left Incheon on Asiana Airlines and arrived safely in America landing at LAX on January 23rd. Then she will be chauffeured to Tucson, Arizona.

Stayed tuned for updates of Lexi's journey to a Golden life.


Lexi’s Story:

Lexi's owner dumped her in front of a factory area and the local villagers fed her scraps as she scavenged for food. She hid when the dog meat traders would come around and was lucky they didn’t find her. Someone contacted Jenny at the Korean Dog Sanctuary Rescue and told her about Lexi, so Jenny went to save her before the butchers found her. Jenny found the owner who had dumped her, and he gave Jenny permission to take her.


Lexi is currently residing with her family and quickly settling in. Her past experiences dodging dog meet traders has made her understandably very cautious when she is outside the safety of her new yard. Her family is slowly teaching her that she no longer needs to be afraid of anything. She loves toys and her new bed.See her latest photos below


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