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For a donation of $10.00, you can submit your Golden's photo to the contest. Only one photo per dog may be entered. The donation fee will ensure that your photo will be in the Cutest Golden Contest entry pages of our 2019 calendar and featured in the slideshow of dogs on our website.  (Your donation helps defray the cost of medical care for our rescued Golden Retrievers.) Photos can be submitted from Tuesday, February 27th through Sunday, March 25th at 8 PM MST. All photos become the property of Rescue A Golden of Arizona.

Voting begins on Sunday, March 25th shortly after 8 PM. Each vote costs $1.00. The 10 dogs that get the most votes during the last week of the contest will be the winners.  The first place contestant will be featured on the 2019 Rescue A Golden Calendar cover.  The nine runners-up will each have a page in the calendar.  The runner-up with the most votes will have the first choice of months; second place will have second choice, and so on. The winners’ photos will also be featured as our Facebook page’s cover photo, and will change monthly throughout 2019.

If your dog was not rescued through Rescue A Golden and is voted one of the 10 finalists, you will receive a $50 Gift Card from PetsMart. In addition, if your dog has been in the calendar (as one of the monthly or cover dogs) in the past two years it cannot be featured in the calendar again. You may enter the contest, but you must accept the alternate prize if in the winning group.

Each winner will also receive a monogrammed bandana with his/her name and Cutest Golden Contest embroidered on it, as well as prominence in a feature article in Golden Tales and on our website.

The contest is broken down into 4 separate weeks. The first week ends on Sunday, April 1st at 8:00 PM Arizona time. At that time, a certain small percentage (to be determined after registration is closed) of the original number of entrees will be eliminated.* The ones eliminated will, of course, be the ones with the fewest votes. In the case of a tie, the first dog entered has the advantage. If, for instance, 100 contestants start in the contest, and we eliminate 15% each week, 15 entrants will be eliminated each week. So on April 1st, 85 will remain; on April 8th, 70 will remain; on April 15th, 55 will remain, and on April 22rd the winners will be determined and announced.

*Based on the number of entrants, only one dog will be eliminated each week. 

Each Sunday evening at 8 PM, all voting totals return to zero. This means that all dogs remaining in the contest, (which will be all but the dog receiving the fewest votes), start the next week with a blank slate. The previous votes received do NOT count towards the total votes in the coming weeks. The winners are determined by the total votes received by the dogs remaining in the final week, not by the total votes received overall. 

Good luck to all the contestants. Remember-- submitting your photo early does give you a slight advantage, as contestants' photos will be displayed on the voting pages in the order received, or, in case of a tie, the first dog registered wins.

Please note: Technical difficulties with internet/web server are beyond the control of RAGofAZ.



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