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00Cover Cody

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Sunny1Special Sunny has found her
forever home!







Dogs rescued by Rescue A Golden of Arizona

  • 17-026-Jaguar4.png
  • 16-030-Princess1.png
  • 16-033-Walter.png
  • 16-039-Marley-Toby.png
  • 16-027-Thumper.png
  • 16-043-Ranger1.png
  • 16-041-Sunny2.png
  • 17-002_Stella.png
  • 17-027-Chester-Sitting.png
  • 17-037-Bruce1.jpg
  • 17-015-Phoebe.png
  • 17-012-Marlie3.png
  • 17-018-Jessica.jpg
  • 17-029-Bella.png
  • 16-047-Lola_500.png
  • 16-034-Cowboy.png
  • 17-007-Max3.png
  • 17-031-Sami.png
  • 16-032-Sophie-Sadie.png
  • 17-019-Liah1.png
  • 16-037-Teddy.png
  • 17-025-Star1.png
  • 16-040-Sophie_2.png
  • 17-001-Dexter.png
  • 17-005-Charlie.png
  • 17-028-Maggie-sitting.png
  • 17-016-Mao-Nui.jpg
  • 16-026_Pretty_Girl.png
  • 17-006-Maggie1.png
  • 16-046-Luna.png
  • 16-044-Auto-Rusty.png
  • 17-010-Savannah-Savvy.jpg
  • 17-024-Cafu.png
  • 17-014-Yong.jpg
  • 16-048-Brooklyn_500.png
  • 16-045_Zelena-Zoey.png
  • 17-017-Mao-Mao3.jpg
  • 17-022-Honey1.png
  • 16-042-Ginger.png
  • 17-009-Annie.png
  • 17-020-Bruno1.png
  • 17-023-Sugar1.png
  • 17-032-Rosco-Champ.png
  • 17-036-Lana.jpg
  • 16-049-Raven-Jax.png
  • 17-004-Prince.png
  • 16-029-Bo.png
  • 16-028-Theo.png
  • 17-003-Phillip.png
  • 16-050-Augie-Ozzie2.png
  • 17-034-Krypto.png
  • 17-033-Nikki.png


These dogs are waiting to hear about to Rescue A Golden of Arizona's 3000th  rescue!  Who will it be?
This Golden should be coming into rescue in the next month.  We will be celebrating the 3000th Golden at our Annual Meeting and our Golden Harvest Celebration, both in October.  In the meantime,  share your stories and photos about your RAGofAZ rescue to help celebrate the rescue of #3000!  Send the stories and photos directly to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Judy Smith

Vice President

Rescue A Golden of Arizona

All for the love of a Golden