The process of adopting a dog from RAGofAZ is structured to match the
dog with the best home we can find. By design, the process is measured
and involved. It is important to keep in mind that we do not make
adoption decisions based on who has seen the dog first, or who has
completed an application the earliest.
The well-being of the animal is our paramount concern. Potential adopters
complete an application and a home visit is conducted with them in order
to help find a match! We feel that getting to know our adopters, results in
a better placement for both the pet and the adopters. We provide as
much information as we can on each pet’s history, disposition and health.
After a placement, we follow up with each new adopter to offer
assistance during the adjustment period. We want each of our animals to
find the right home for them, not just any home. Likewise, we want our
adopters to find the pet who best matches their lifestyle and interests. If
for any reason the match is not perfect, as we had hoped, the dog must
be returned to our organization.


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