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First time ever Rescue A Golden of Arizona Links of Gold Golf Tournament


Our annual Links of Gold Golf Tournament is RAGofAZ's biggest fundraiser of the year! For the first time, we are including an online auction to further our goal of raising funds to help place Golden Retrievers, not only from Arizona, but from countries around the world, in their forever homes.

Online bidding begins on Friday, September 1st and runs through 8 pm Friday, September 8th. At that time, the auction will carry over to our live event on September 9th. The bidding will continue at the event at Troon North Golf Club in Scottsdale. The highest bid will win the item. Anytime the system receives two bids that are the same, the first bid entered into the system wins. 

Click here to go to the auction. There's something for everyone! And you don't have to attend Links of Gold to participate in the auction (even though we would love it if you did!)

Links of Gold 2017 Golf Tournament Online Auction Items

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  • Phoenix-Suns.png
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12 December Wilma

12December Wilma 280WILMA

Welcome to the season of wonder.

Our “Wild Wilma” came to us as a belated Christmas gift. She had spent her first three years as a “back-yard” dog where she’d bonded with a friendly Lab. However, both dogs were eventually surrendered to different rescues, which meant Wilma had to bid a sad farewell to her buddy.

RAGofAZ placed Wilma in a wonderful foster home, but no amount of love and attention seemed to assuage the loss of her beloved friend.

WilmaOutside resized xWilmaHoHoHo resized xShe sat outside cowering behind a planter and would not even come indoors. That’s when Freddie, our resident Golden Retriever, came to the rescue. Sensing that Wilma needed another dog who could calm her fears, the fosters asked us to bring Freddie to their home. Sure enough, the easygoing and unflappable Fred soon figured out how to be a pal to Wilma... the way only Goldens can. When Freddie jumped into our van to go home, Wilma hopped in with him, rode to our house and unpacked her bags. Now safe and secure once more, this holiday season finds Wilma and Fred lying by the Yule log as they gaze contentedly into each other’s eyes. You can almost hear them whisper “yabbadabba do!”

11 November Bella

11November Bella 280BELLA

Bella here…. Yes, I had a rough beginning, but now I’m living the Golden life with my best Golden buddy, Sedona, and my forever loving and caring Mom. I was discovered to have diabetes and Valley Fever when I was rescued. After many, many trips to the vet to check my blood sugar, everyone tells me I’m getting adjusted to these pricks, which is every time I eat, but that’s okay as long as I’m eating!

BellaLake2 resizedMy favorite thing in life, besides eating, is getting my daily dose of human love and attention. I love going to the Dog Park, walks in my new neighborhood... did I mention eating? ...and just hanging out with my best family ever! Thank you 

BellaLake resized

Rescue A Golden for finding me and giving me the best dog life ever!

10 October Walter

10October Walter 280WALTER

People say I’m a VIP. I’m not sure why, or what that means, because my name is Walter, aka Sir Walter of Scottsdale. I’ve heard lots of other things: Loving, friendly, gentle, and old soul. Expressive eyes, too. Oh, and my favorite – big paws! I was rescued by RAGofAZ and went to my forever home in Scottsdale where I got new friends, Lilly, Teddy, Beau and Bailey.

WalterinGrass resized xWalterMouthOpen resized xNow, I get lots of brushing and massages, taco nights next door with Lilly, and spend mornings at Starbucks for puppacinos. Rabbits, birds, and cats are all around here and they look delicious; I think I was a hunter before I came here. I love people watching at our local steak house patio. They even gave me a bowl with my name on it! I bark for breakfast, for walks, and for bedtime. Just to be sure it’s not a dream, I nudge the side of bed in the middle of night to make sure my family is there and always get reassurance of our new pack…right by mom and dad’s side. It’s a Golden life now with chin scratches aplenty, watching mom cook, and watching hockey with dad. Turns out that being a VIP is the best thing that ever happened!

09 September Maddie

09September Maddie 280MADDIE

Maddie, her name means sweet, joyful, loving and a need to serve humanity. This truly describes my girl who was found abandoned and starving with six new mouths to feed. Thanks to some very special guardian angels and RAGofAZ, seven beautiful dogs are in loving homes.

Maddie soon earned the title of “Mom of the Year 2012” and her story quickly spread through the rescue community.

MaddiePawPointing resized rIn 2015 Maddie passed her AKC Good Canine Citizen test and became a Certified Therapy Dog with Paws For Friendship Inc. Maddie and I visit a rehabilitation facility and a memory care unit twice a month, where she shares her love and happiness with patients and staff.

MaddieBackYard resized r

Maddie currently is the official Golden for the annual “Links of Gold” golf tournament, proudly representing RAGofAZ. On the day of the event she loves thanking all the golfers and diners who help make our annual fundraiser a huge success.

Her free time is filled with greeting all her friends in our neighborhood, playing with her best friend Bixler, a black lab and just being the joy of my life.

Thank you RAGofAZ for letting me adopt this beautiful lady.

08 August Sadie

08August Sadie 280SADIE

Here is my story... I first came to Rescue a Golden as a lost pup wandering in Goodyear, AZ. A nice lady took me home and posted fliers to try and find my family. Guess I was meant to go to a different family as some wonderful folks from RAGofAZ came to rescue me and help me find my new forever home.

SadieBackyard resized rSadieToy resized croppedThey called me “Pretty Girl” which was nice, but I was kind of in a sad state at the time. I had given birth to some pups, lost all the hair on my tail, and my eyes were dull and sad. A quick trip to the vet uncovered thyroid disease and with corrective medication I started to perk up. Soon my new mom came to see me and decided to call me Sadie. Mom says it was love at first sight; to her I was the “Prettiest Girl” in the world. My life is super now. I love to go on daily walks, run around the pool, and watch TV for hours with my pink pig toy in tow. Now my tail is full of feathers, my eyes are bright, and I am grateful to RAGofAZ for helping me find the best new forever home ever!!!

07 July Abby

07July Abby 280ABBY

Abby became part of our family, and seventh Golden, in December 2014. She had been a stray who followed some children home from school. However, that family was unable to keep her and contacted RAGofAZ. That was our lucky day, as we had been on the waiting list for a while.

The rescue called with a good match for us and wanted to schedule a meet and greet. We fell in love with Abby at first sight. As she walked to our front door, her fur all fluffed, she wore a cute holiday headband on her head and looked adorable.

AbbyPorch resizedAbbyBeach2 resizedAbby has since made the move with us from the desert to the Atlantic Ocean. She loves strolls along the beach, and walks around our neighborhood soliciting pets from everyone she meets.

Her gentle laid back demeanor endears her to the neighborhood kids who stop by our house to see if Abby can come out to play.

She is the love of our lives. Thanks RAGofAZ for allowing Abby to become part of our family.

06 June Lucy

06June Lucy 280LUCY

I’m Lucy and here’s my Golden story. I was surrendered to RAGofAZ by my first mom because she realized that she didn’t have time for me. She loved me enough to want me to have a good life. But because I was left alone a lot as a young dog, I don’t like to be by myself. Thank goodness my forever home already had a Golden named Makana.

LucyatTracks resized rLucyatLake resized rBut after a couple of years, Makana crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We were all sad. I had Dad and Mom, but no four-legged friend. Since I was so sad, Mom called RAGofAZ to see if there was another Golden that needed a forever home. That’s how we got Jasper! (You met him in January in this year’s calendar.)

Jasper and I do everything together. We walk Dad twice a day, play in the backyard, sleep side-by-side, and keep Mom nimble by spreading our toys all over the house. It’s a big job, but Jasper and I do it together. Thanks RAGofAZ, for my forever home and for Jasper.

05 May Teddy


Teddy’s story begins, sadly, at a shelter where he had been abandoned as a wobbly, weak senior with multiple medical challenges. A skinny, older, red Golden, Teddy came into rescue with Tick Fever, chronic and devastating nosebleeds, hypertension, kidney issues, hip dysplasia, and liver problems. He had lost half of his once thick coat . . . and seemed embarrassed by his patchy, scalped appearance.

TeddyUnderTree resized xAmazingly, however, when he arrived at our house, Teddy required no introduction. 

TeddySwimming resized

He walked through the front door with his tail wagging and ran to greet our two Saint Bernards, Lady and Beaux. Small in comparison to his Saint siblings, Teddy could walk under Beaux, and did so regularly! Today, thanks to love and science, Teddy is doing well and proudly displays his beautiful reddish-gold coat. Once dragging his back paw due to hip pain, he now runs a mile a day and “bunny hops” when a leash comes out. He is a friend to all, which is to say Teddy never met a creature he didn’t love: birds, cats, rabbits, anything that breathes. Teddy clearly views himself as a Golden, not a Golden Retriever. And he was just what our home needed – thank you RAGofAZ!


04 April Bear & Lola

04April Bear Lola 280BEAR & LOLA

Bear & Lola came into our family in November 2016. They were a “Senior Golden Couple” who needed a good home and we were a family that needed some “Goldens.” We had been without a Golden Retriever for a year. It was incredible how much love Bear & Lola immediately brought into our household.

Unfortunately, Lola went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 4, 2017. We will miss Lola’s high-spirited personality, her playful howl and the way she made a grand entrance when walking down the stairs!

On the other hand, Bear is Bear – a cuddly Golden with a serene personality that enjoys his walks in the desert. He loves to chase the bunny rabbits and birds that come across his path. His favorite pastime is watching TV from his spot on the couch. 

BearTennisBalls resized

BearRedRoses resized

Whenever an animal appears on TV, he immediately runs to the set – mesmerized by the images before him.

Life is so much better with a Golden Retriever and we are so happy that Bear has his forever home in our home!

03 March Gabby

03March Gabby 280GABBY

Gabby lived in a birthing cage for over three years and came into rescue in January 2016 as a special needs gal—a yeast infection, female issues, fleas, Ichthyosis, Giardia, and no current shots. She never walked on a leash, chewed a bone, or played with
a toy or ball, and was afraid to be alone.

Gabby today is a happy 5-year-old gal who cares and treats her small stuffed animals as her puppies. Every day she takes her stuffed animals one by one outside into the sunshine, and in the evening she brings them all back inside to her rug. 

GabbyToys resizedGabbyToys2 resizedHer tail wags in happiness; she is a friend to our neighbors, to their dogs, and brings smiles to everyone she greets. She loves to go for walks—taking her bear with her, loves car rides, and sits on the back seat like a small person looking out the window. Gabby is low key, needs a great deal of sleep, and needs a special diet to aid in digesting her food. Gabby has filled the “Golden emptiness” in our lives.

02 February Henley

02February Henley 280HENLEY

Henley is truly what rescue is about.

Henley came to us in February from El Paso where he was thrown from a moving car and a Good Samaritan took him to the shelter. Months later he had an emergency splenectomy and it was uncertain if he was going to pull through the surgery. 

Packed full of attitude, this resilient little boy is now on his third chance at life. We named him after a famous song writer as we figured Henley has lots of stories about his past. 

HenleyHeadshot resizedHenley is now in a safe place and is close to our other RAGofAZ rescue Sammi who continues to teach him the Golden life. After numerous tests for an anemic condition and blood cells not maturing, a group of University of Pennsylvania scientists are working on a case study of Henley. As of this writing, it is still unknown what ails this little boy, but he is still thriving, wags his entire body when he sees us, and is now at a healthy weight.

HenleyYard resized rThank you to the RAGofAZ team, for driving across state lines helping to get Henley out of a bad situation and into our hearts.




01 January Jasper

01January Jasper 280JASPER

My name is Jasper and I’m forever grateful to RAGofAZ. I was found by Pinal County Animal Control wandering in the desert with a pack of dogs. RAGofAZ came and rescued me. It was hard at my foster’s home. I’d never been in a car or a house, and the sound of the refrigerator scared me.

JasperLake2 resized rBut my foster Dad bought me my own blanket and helped me to relax.

JasperatLake resized r

When RAGofAZ called and said they had a forever home for me, I didn’t know what to expect. Dad and Mom seemed okay. They named me Jasper, because Mom said that my golden eyes reminded her of the gemstone yellow jasper that is found in the desert. We’re both gems found in the desert!

But then I met Lucy! (You’ll meet Lucy later in June) We hit it off right from the start. Lucy taught me so much, like don’t chew the sofa cushions and that we get to sleep on our own beds. Now I have two beds so that I always have someplace soft to sleep. I also have my bestie, Lucy. Thanks, RAGofAZ!

00 Cover Dog Cody

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Introducing our 2018 Calendar Cover Dog


Scroll down to read all about our monthly calendar dogs. There are lots of bonus photos on our website this year!

Click here to view a remembrance of our companion Goldens who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this year.

Click here for a sneak preview of our Golden Oldies.

Click here to see Goldens from across the globe placed by RAGofAZ into new loving homes! 

00Cover Cody


Last August we got the best 35th anniversary gift we could ask for. RAGofAZ had the “Phoenix Lost Dog” available for us if we were willing to provide him his forever home. Of course we said “YES” since we had lost our previous RAGofAZ Golden named King to cancer in May of 2016 and our house felt empty.

 CodyRunning resizedCodyRunning2 resizedThat night Cody was welcomed into our home and our hearts. It so happened to be the same night Michael Phelps competed in his final Olympic race, the relay. The last swimmer in that race to win Phelps that final gold was Cody Miller. Miller was born with a deformity causing his ribcage to grow abnormally limiting his lung capacity. He learned to swim to improve his breathing and became an Olympic medalist. Inspired by this “lost boy” who had overcome his early start to achieve greatness we decided to name our lost boy Cody. Cody has the spirit of a puppy, loves to play ball and smile out the window on car rides. Cody has a heart of gold and has lived up to his name.