Golden Tales July 2016

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President's Message

pictureThe Links of Gold 2016 committee has been working hard and making certain that all aspects of the planning for the Saturday, September 10, event are accomplished. With only two months to go until the event, we are all pleased by the progress and the schedule for the golf tournament on the Monument course (which includes some brand new features this year), the buffet banquet and our famous raffle.

There are several actions that you can take right after reading this email:
•    For those who are planning to honor your family Golden with a sponsorship please click here. Tee and table signage need to be designed and printed soon so that Mark Preston is not overwhelmed at the last minute.
•    For those who know that they will be supporting the organization and attending the buffet banquet please click here.
•    For those who are considering but are not yet decided whether to gather a foursome together, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. right away. It is understood that you have to round up some friends to support our noble cause, so please have them save the date. From our point of view, it will help us with our logistics and planning to know your possible intent. If you are ready to register, please click here.
•    Due to the added features we are including in this year’s tournament, like the free pre-tournament putting and chipping clinic and the putting contest, we will need several additional volunteers. Please contact Becky Wetzel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are looking forward to another successful Links of Gold event on Saturday September 10, 2016 at Troon North Golf Club. It is the dedication of our hard working members that make it happen. So sign up to volunteer the day of the event, bring a foursome for golf and dinner or come for dinner and the world famous raffle. Your continued support will help us to continue our work of rescuing and rehoming golden retrievers. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Chris P. P. Brant
President, RAGofAZ


Dental Care for All Family Members

pictureFrom WebMD
Your Golden companion can suffer from gum disease, tooth loss, and tooth pain just like the rest of the family. However, your Golden many not complain like you or one of your children. Regular brushing and oral cleanings help keep your pet's teeth strong and healthy.
"Dental disease is one of the most common preventable illnesses in pets," Ohio veterinarian Vanessa Douglas tells WebMD, "yet many people never even look in their pet's mouths."
By the age of three years old an estimated 80% of dogs show signs of dental disease that can lead to abscesses, loose teeth, and chronic pain. Regular visits to your vet for dental cleanings are very important but, "periodontal disease can be avoided by proper dental care by owners," Douglas says. A combination of brushing, oral rinses, and dental treats will help towards less plaque and retain healthy gums.

Monsoon: It’s Raining Frogs and Toads

pictureFrom PetMD and Reptile Magazine

It’s time for a reminder about some visitors that we only see from July through September. Frogs and toads of the Sonoran Desert are truly as much a part of the monsoon as the rain itself. 

read more



Pumpkin is not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

pictureThe Perfect Bowel-Soothing Food for GI Upsets and Diarrhea
From an article by Dr. Karen Becker included in Healthy Pets
Dr. Becker revisits the confusing subject of dietary fiber, and why she recommends 100% pumpkin instead of rice in bland diets for pets with diarrhea and other forms of GI upset.
The subject of fiber is certainly confusing, even for professionals like veterinarians, but a basic knowledge of the different types of fiber is important in understanding what effect each type will have on an animal's body.

Most medical doctors and veterinarians agree that a healthy diet consists of fresh foods that are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber. But the amount and type of fiber a particular species needs has been more difficult for the medical community to agree on. read more


Leaving Pawprints on our Heart

pictureCourtesy of Land of PureGold Foundation

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It's almost time to re-enroll in Fry's Community Rewards Program

pictureDid you know you can support Rescue A Golden of Arizona just by shopping at Fry's? It's easy when you enroll in Fry's Community Rewards! Re-enrollment is required on or after August first each year. Please click here to enroll or re-enroll. 




Rainbow Bridge

pictureGone but never forgotten . . . remember the beloved Goldens who have crossed to the Bridge recently but will live forever in the hearts of those who loved them. CLICK HERE

And CLICK HERE to see a remembrance including those Goldens that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge previously.

Golden Get-Together at Richardson's

RAGofAZ is planning to start a monthly, informal get-together at Richardson’s on the 3rd Thursday of every month, until further notice. Richardson’s is a dog friendly restaurant with an enclosed area for our four-legged companions and ourselves. The plan is for fellow members who have Golden hearts to congregate for a couple of hours every so often. No speeches, but probably a door prize for someone. Please mark your calendars for Thursday, September 22, 2016, 6-8 pm.
6335 North 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Mark your calendar

00 Cover Dogs Lady and Neutron

$15.00 for one...
but the more you buy, the more you save!

$15 for 1 $30 for 2 $43 for 3
$56 for 4 $67 for 5 $78 for 6
$87 for 7 $96 for 8 $103 for 9
  $110 for 10  


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Introducing our 2017 Calendar Cover Dogs


Scroll down to read all about our monthly calendar dogs. There are lots of bonus photos on our website this year!

Click here to view a remembrance of our companion Goldens who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this year.

Click here for a sneak preview of our Seniors and Special Needs Goldens.

Click here to see our new feature on Working Goldens.

00Cover LadyNeutron 450

A former long time RAGofAZ Board member, Ed Karsten, also enjoyed a satisfying career as a Dispatcher for the Phoenix Fire Department. Unfortunately, he passed away last year after a lengthy illness. In tribute to Ed, we photographed his two Goldens, now with a new home, at the “Hall of Flame Fire Museum.”

Below are their stories along with Lady and Neutron in front of the Dispatcher’s desk that Ed knew so well.

Neutron Lady 1 500LADY: I was rescued from a pond in Buckeye and reluctantly entered my new dad’s life. At first I really missed my previous home, but it didn’t take long for him to show me how much he loved me, and then it wasn’t long before I returned the love. We had three cats to play with and to cuddle with at nap time. I made sure the cat’s bowls were clean when they finished eating. Dad referred to me as his “Better half.” My favorite pastime is schmoozing people at RAGofAZ events.

Neutron Lady Dispatch 500NEUTRON (aka KNUTE): Dad showed up at our door to transport me to my next forever home, but somewhere during the ride we won each other’s heart... and the rest is history. I live to chase tennis balls! I kept putting them in Dad’s lap for him to throw until his pitching arm got too tired to continue. Dad sometimes tried to trick me into believing he had thrown the ball or he would hide it, but he couldn’t fool me. I always found them, even if it meant moving a cat from one end of the sofa to the other.


01 January Kody

01January Kody 280 KODY was born in November of 1999 and came to live with us in June of 2009. Fortunately we had just retired so were able to devote our full and well-deserved attention to Kody.

Kody loves to be with his people. He is a wonderful adaptable traveler who has accompanied us on many trips all over the Western US.

Kody 500Kody loves his animal family, too, which currently includes Maddy (a rescued Labrador Retriever we adopted in 2011) and two kitties named Mitzi and Bogie. Kody has been a invaluable mentor and friend to Maddy who was used as a puppy mill breeder and had never previously lived in a real home. These two older dogs have bonded and become inseparable.

Kody is an extremelyintelligent boy. For example: He loves toys that look and sound like cows. One day Kody completely emptied the large basket of its many dozen toys. He then sorted through them and placed all the cows in a separate pile of their own and lay down next to his little herd of bovine friends.

Waterfall Kody750Kody loves people and is a bit of a show-off when company comes. He will disappear into our bedroom and retrieve his bed dragging it down the long hall to the living room. Then if our guests don't pay enough attention to him Kody will disappear again and return dragging Maddy's bed to show them.

We love and adore our old golden boy who has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives!

02 February Bo

02February Bo 280 BO was meant to be ours. I work for a very busy corporation and I never answer my personal phone when I am working. On this particular day, my cell phone rang and I decided to answer it, even though I didn’t recognize the number.

Bo playtime 500Bo in grass 500A very kind lady said “I believe we have a Golden that would be a good match for your family”. She went on to explain that Bo was a one year old male, from a good home. Just what we were waiting for. We met that weekend and I fell in love. Bo now entertains us daily. From the potato chip bag over his head when we left the chips out accidentally to his little sneaky baby steps across the yard when he is sneaking up on his sister, Tilly. Oh and by the way....he needed hip surgery two weeks after we took him in. Thanks to RAGofAZ, he was taken care of right away. Bo bounced right back and is living a happy, active life with Tilly, Jake and Jessie, the cat.


03 March Goldielocks

03March Goldilocks 280 GOLDIELOCKS began her journey to RAGofAZ as a stray in a Flagstaff shelter where she was claimed by the owner of Highland Puppy Rescue, who named her “Goldie” and contacted RAGofAZ.

 Goldie, about 2 years old, was one very sick little girl.

Goldielocks 2 500Having recently had puppies she was undernourished, had tick fever, dual ear infections and a skin condition. Arriving here at her foster home exhausted, all she wanted to do was sleep. My heart was immediately captured by her gentle, sweet and loving disposition despite all that she was going through. Recovering with medication, Goldie’s puppy personality came alive and I fell in love with this amazing girl! I became a “foster failure” and Goldie officially became Goldielocks, the little lost girl who had found her forever home.

Goldielocks 3 500I am so blessed by Goldielocks and thankful for all the RAGofAZ volunteers who assisted her journey to her forever home!

Goldielocks loves the outdoors and enjoys daily long walks, hikes and trips to the arboretum. Her backyard faces open desert and she spends hours stalking the quail, rabbits, and occasional javelina, from her side of the fence.

04 April Steve

04April Steve 280 STEVE “the Wonder-Dog”

He is a wonder indeed! With the severities of our family going on, Steve seemed to fit into every aspect of our daily life in so many ways. He has a way of melting the hearts of everyone he meets.

Steve head shot 500Most likely you are asking why is it so?

We make our daily one mile walks every morning and evening. Bob, my husband and I are very quiet neighbors and generally fly under the radar so to speak. Well, Steve has many neighborhood friends and leaves “cookies” in the mailbox for his friends as we go. He also remembers the holidays and makes sure we tie a ribbon on them when it is a special time. He even has a black and white cat friend named “Bootsie” that watches for him every day and vice versa.

Steve’s tribute from Kay:

Steve therapy 500Hi our Steve Friends and Family;

Steve in grass 500Our Steve the Wonder Dog was more than a dog. You see, he had the world in his paw. He was the ambassador for two schools for the children, and was a National trained dog for the VA State Veterans Home at Steele Park. They cried to see him because we know that there are few visits. We visited twice a month. Especially the holidays. Dressed up of course. He would dress up for the kids and they loved that too. On top of it all, he had saved his Dad's life twice. Once in June from heart failure alerting me something was wrong he led me to my husband's bedside. On Feb. 2nd he alerted me as he was in full kidney failure. Now a dialysis patient three times a week. If it were not for Steve, I would not have my husband. Valley Fever matatazied in his brain and took him in less than a week. This loss is beyond words of hurt and a broken heart. The joy of watching Steve is only in memory. We are devastated more than anyone could imagine. Our Wonder Dog is part of our life that will always remain.

05 May Fred

Into everyone’s life a clown dog must enter. Or should. A Golden who pulls a smile from the saddest face, whose eyes light up a room, and whose antics induce non-stop laughter.

He is the dog who absconds with the bagel he grabs right out of your hand, who transplants your designer throw pillow to his favorite chair, who wakes you from a sound sleep for a belly rub, who proudly interrupts a romantic dinner with his loudest burp.

Fred sitting 500Freddie is perhaps an unlikely candidate for the clownish life having been found by border patrol officers wandering the desert lost and alone. RAGofAZ came to his rescue and brought him to us, his new forever family. Having just lost a beloved Golden, we were unsure if we were ready for another “heart” dog. Freddie would have none of it. On day one, he jumped onto our bed and went belly-up, ready to unpack his bags and settle in.

Tango500Since then, he has been the laughter in our lives and the devoted companion of his blind and aging “brother.” He remains now and forever the dog who loves to play the clown and who, when asked to strike a pose, sticks out his tongue.

Freddie has become a guide dog of sorts to his beloved companion, Tango, a 13 year old RAGofAZ rescue. Tango, nearly blind and with only one eye, cheerfully follows his bud everywhere . . . especially because Fred knows where the dinner dish is!

06 June Devin

06June Devin 280 When DEVIN came to us in June of 2014, he brought with him a bio asserting that he got along well with cats and other dogs and was physically ready to blend into our already active lifestyle.

Alas, it would take several months of patience and understanding before he accepted our eight-year-old Norwegian forest cat.

Devin 1 500As for other dogs, Devin prefers them on the other side of the highest walls possible. The most serious issue, however, was diagnosed a week after his arrival — a severe congenital heart defect. A complicated heart procedure followed, made possible by RAGofAZ. Although it did not fully remedy the situation, it has lessened the imminent danger. Devin loves his daily 3-5 mile walks on trails, in parks, and throughout the neighborhood, and he is forever ready for a sprint after the squirrels that share his backyard.

Devin BW 500Following that first summer with us, I wrote that Devin may not have the heart of a marathon runner, but he quickly became and most certainly remains the true heart of this family.

07 July Reagan

07July Reagan 280 REAGAN came to RAGofAZ through the Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso. He had been a stray and was approximately 15 months old when he came to Arizona.

He was a TALL, skinny boy and ALL puppy.

Reagan swimming500Reagan went to two other homes before he joined our family which included two older goldens, Sherman and Barkley. He was starved for attention and being a puppy, had a lot to learn. We started training immediately. We learned last year that he was bi-lingual, so learning some commands in Spanish has made it a lot easier with his training. He has since completed 2 levels of his Canine Good Citizen.

Reagan ball 500Reagan is a big goofy, loveable guy who thinks all dogs and people, particularly children, are on this earth for him. He is a great ambassadog for RAGofAZ, loving all the attention he can get at our events. His favorite things in life besides people, include swimming, walks, car rides, snuggling with mom and dad any time he can and of course eating because he thinks he is starving.

Thanks RAGofAZ for allowing him to be a part of our lives. We look forward to seeing all the things he has yet to accomplish.

08 August Samson

08August Samson 280 This is my pup named SAMSON
a desert dog enamored with the sun
Often referred to as a gentle giant
but to tennis balls, a tireless tyrant.

SAMSON 1 50020 hours of sleep per day is his regimen
while his owner hustles for those Benjamins
to purchase his overtly expensive food
quickly escalating his lethargic mood.

Copious allergies once plagued his life
causing hot spots, baldness and much strife.
New food, medication a foregone conclusion
were the cure for his sensitive constitution.

SAMSON 4 500Upon returning from work I’m met with disbelief
and excitement requiring bladder relief.
Like his owner, Sam loves to swim
From a pool, you cannot keep him.

It’s true our dogs have golden hair
and I know Samson’s heart is gold in there.
Happier with a companion I could not be
all because of the incredible work from RAG of A-Z.

09 September Chloe

09September Chloe 280 CHLOE
I‘ve been ‘collecting’ Golden Retrievers for about 30 years, often in pairs, and always a senior, since I’ve been adopting with RAGofAZ.

These Golden oldies are sweet, affectionate and usually well trained.

Chloe laying down hat 500My 3G (gorgeous golden gal) Chloe is no exception. We walk daily (great exercise) and the neighborhood kids gravitate to her to share hugs, sloppy kisses and secrets too, I’m sure! Her wagging tail is non-stop and her laughing expression allows them to feel comfortable in approaching her.

Chloe has an abundance of heart and it reflects her true Golden style.

I was told she’s too young to be in the ‘oldest Golden’ category.... Yay! May she be my companion for many more years, as she follows me from room to room, we do ‘meet and greets’ at the mall or just meander down our street.

Goggles Chloe 500My Chloe, my Love.

10 October Jayce and Gus

10October JayceGus 280 JAYCE is the best big brother that GUS could have!

Jayce arrived in rescue in 2008 from a sister rescue in Oklahoma at 10 months of age.

Jayce Gus 1 500He lived with his sister Golden until 2014 when the tornado known as Gus arrived as a young puppy. Gus is one of five puppies who came into rescue with the parvovirus--all the pups were lucky to survive. Jayce showed Gus the ropes when he joined our family and now they are inseparable. They both love to play ball, with Gus being totally ball obsessed. Jayce is a pool diving expert while Gus still has not decided whether swimming is right for him or not.

Jayce Gus 2 500We feel so very lucky to have both boys in our lives.

11 November Jackson

11November Jackson 280 JACKSON 
When we lost our first Golden of 12 years in 2008, we knew that there would be more Golden dogs in our life. We contacted RAGofAZ about the rescue process,

telling them that we wanted an older “puppy” and maybe 2, definitely female.

Jackson 1 500In July of 2009, we were contacted by a volunteer about a couple of puppies she was fostering, 2 six-week old, male pups.

Several weeks later we were the proud parents of 2 rambunctious Golden pups. Jackson and his brother, Harley, re-introduced us to the joys of puppy parenting: eating Christmas ornaments, chewing holes in Oriental rugs, and tearing up any newspapers and magazines that were within puppy-reach.

Jackson 4 500Jackson has been a part of our lives for 7 years. We lost his brother 2 years ago and were worried that Jackson would be lonely. Jackson, however, thrived on all the attention he received being an only-dog. He 

loves to go on walks and chase the lizards. His absolute favorite thing in the world is playing “snowball.” This consists of Jackson romping through the snow while someone throws snowballs his way, for hours on end! Life is better with a Golden in it, and we are thankful every day that Jackson is in our lives!

12 December Holly

12December Holly 280 HOLLY came to live with us in May of 2015. She is December’s Christmas Angel whose life as a puppy was doomed until she met the caring people at RAGofAZ.

Their all-volunteer team jumped into action and through fundraising events and donations raised the necessary money to pay for Holly’s surgeries and veterinary care. It’s a miracle that this little angel became part of our family—a happy home with loving owners.

Holly cactus2 500Our precious Holly was born with Megaesophagus, which kept her from being able to eat and digest food. After she received her desperately needed surgery and veterinary care, she needed to be fed small amounts of food, six times a day (all while sitting on my lap in an upright position). For us, it was truly a labor of love to help her. She pulled at our heartstrings.

While she is part of our entire family, Holly and Bill are almost inseparable. She’s always at his side—whether he’s napping, eating, or walking. She loves to cuddle.

Holly toy onback 500When Holly is not hanging out with Bill, she takes toys out of her toy box one by one, then returns them one by one to the toy box. She is our very special Angel all year long.

Links of Gold Golf Tournament Details

LOG 2016 Logo Draft 2 Maddie

Links of Gold Golf Tournament 2016 Details

11:00 Golfers Registration Begins
11:30 Optional Free Putting Clinic
12:00 - 1:00 Putting Competition
1:15 Golf Carts Ready to Go
1:30 Golf Scramble Begins
5:00 Buffet Registration Begins
5:30 Yappy Hour
6:30 Golf Awards & Buffet Dinner
7:00 Program
7:30 Raffle Prizes Awarded

Golf Tournament Prizes

  • Putting Competition
  • Best Foursome
  • Closest to the Pin Men & Ladies
  • Longest Drive Men & Ladies
  • Hole in One $10,000
  • Hole in One prizes on 3 other holes
  • Foursome Best Poker Hand

Golf Features

  • Beer Tasting
    - Golfers will have the opportunity to sample 3 beers from the Scottsdale Beer Co
    - These craft beers will also be available at the banquet
  • Buy-a-Drive
  • Mulligans
  • Putting Competition
    - If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by a drawing
  • Poker Hands Competition
    - At the 14th “Golden Dogleg” hole each member of the foursome will be dealt 2 playing cards
    - At this hole golfers can win another playing card if the ball lands within a circle
    - At the 15th hole the foursome selects their best hand and registers it

Some of our Fabulous Raffle Prizes

  • Weekend Stays at various hotels in and out of the state
  • Foursomes at some of the finest golf courses around the state of Arizona
  • Guitar signed by Alice Cooper!
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Tickets for Arizona’s Professional Sports Teams
  • Restaurant dinner gift certificates
  • Autographed lithographs, books, prints
  • Commissioned portrait of your Golden Pet
  • Golden related gift packages
  • Off road excursions and boat trips
  • Theater and Symphony tickets
  • Spa visits and beauty treatments
  • SWPGA Golf Pass