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Golden Tales Masthead November 2014

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Yesterday, when I was celebrating Thanksgiving with family members, I was thinking of you. We have all something very much in common. We have all been touched by the love of at least one wonderful Golden Retriever. Now that I have entered the inner circles of the Rescue a Golden of Arizona organization I have seen firsthand the sacrifices and the passionate dedication of the many Volunteers, Managers, Coordinators, Directors and Board Members. If you are one of those people, on behalf of the whole membership, I want to thank you for all your efforts.

For all those others, there are still positive steps that you have already achieved and there are other ways that you can participate supporting this organization. As you are aware, we need to stay ahead of any downward financial curve, so the act of giving specific donations to cover the costs of the recent large veterinarian bills is one way that is much appreciated. As they say, every little bit helps and it is never too late!

On another note …… you may have experienced a similar phenomenon that I have discovered recently, just being around fellow Golden Retriever owners, makes me feel good. It must be our beloved pets' feelings towards us, through osmosis, are happily rubbing off on their owners. If you have not joined in any of the various activities from our schedule in the past few months I hope that you will start checking on our website and then marking the dates of each event onto your own calendar. There are a number of events that are mutually beneficial to you and our group; those include gift-wrapping events in your area along with our support for the PACC 911 (Phoenix Animal Care Coalition) functions. Bark in the Park, the Tempe version, will be coming up on February 8, 2015. This is a great social event and brings valuable funds into the organization’s coffers. I hope to see you there!

In closing, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

I’ll be in touch again soon.

Yours aye,

Chris P P Brant

Red 14-046 update



Red1Thank you RAGofAZ - Red is now home for the holidays! Red met his new dad this morning and after a successful meet and greet...Red is on his way home to his new "forever" home.

One RAGofAZ family now has some extra "Red" for the holidays!



Please read this plea from Red, a special 9-year old golden who has been in foster care for 3 months.  If you would like to meet Red and potentially be his forever home, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks for reading!!



Red2Hi! I am Red and I am looking for a forever home. I was returned to rescue in September and have been in foster care for about 3 months. I know many see that I am 9 years old, or that I need a no pet home and decide I am not the "one" for them but I know the perfect forever family is out there waiting just for me. Maybe it is your family? Just keep reading and I hope you'll think I am the right dog for you!


Red3My personality is ALL golden. I am very smart and obedient. I am house trained, dog door trained, walk great on a leash and sleep thru the night. I do need to be in a no pet home... but as you know many families have only one "4 legged" companion...I think they call it an only child :) ... I do good meeting dogs when I am out walking with my foster dad....but in the home, I focus on getting attention and pets from everyone who comes to visit.

My foster dad and mom say that I have been a delight to have around. All you have to do is pet me and take me for daily walks and car rides and I'll be very happy. I am very easy-going and don't need tons of exercise or training like a younger dog does. I have so much love to give and you will be so very glad to have me in your home, I promise. I should also tell you that my foster mom and dad have been great....but I really want a "forever" home to call my own. 

You may be concerned about my age, but as you can see, I am in terrific shape for being 9 years young! My weight is perfect and I have no mobility issues at all. I am a healthy boy.

Believe me, the years of love, companionship and loyalty I will give you are definitely worth it.  

I hope to hear from you soon!  Love, Red



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Puppies with Parvo-going home

Update on our puppies—known lovingly as the Parvo Five 


The puppies were very sick---some sicker than others—and spent many days in isolation intensive care at Animal Medical Surgical Center in Scottsdale.  While they were there, they received plasma transfusions; antibiotics; stomach and intestinal support medications and round the clock care.  Fortunately, the best efforts by Dr. Rory Lubold and the veterinary technicians were rewarded with great success and all the puppies have gone home to loving families.

Gus-sofaGus and Tug were the first to go home on Wednesday.


 Gus will be living in Scottsdale with his mom, dad and Golden sister and brother. Tug is living now with his mom and canine sister in Chandler.

RAGofAZ-puppy-Molly-releaseThe girls left the hospital on Friday. Molly, now known as Knixzy, has 3 human siblings as well as a canine brother for companions in Chandler as well. 


Carly, now known as Ruby, lives with her mom, dad, Golden sister and 2 feline siblings in Chino Valley.

RAGofAZ-puppy-Charlie-homeCharlie was the sickest of the bunch and required three plasma transfusions to get him back to behaving like a puppy! Fortunately, he was able to leave today, Saturday, with his mom and dad in Tempe.

The puppies will suffer no long term effects from having had the parvovirus, but will need special care and medications as they continue to stabilize. Then they will receive all the typical puppy vaccinations and all will be spayed/neutered and microchipped. We do so appreciate all your support and kind words. Even with the discount we received from the treating vet, the bill per dog is over $5000.00. Please help us be there for other Goldens in need! 


Puppies with Parvo

Urgent Rescue—five puppies with Parvo



Our intake team received a call from a backyard breeder whose two litters of puppies had been infected with the Parvovirus. Parvo is a deadly disease that is easily prevented with proper care of puppies and a set of three vaccinations for the pup, but these dogs were not so lucky. Our rescue transporters visited the home and were allowed to take one dog from the 10 week old litter (Gus) and one from the 7 week old litter (Tug). Though other pups were in distress, the breeder wanted to wait. The puppies were delivered to Animal Medical and Surgical Center in Scottsdale where they began supportive care.RAGofAZ-Tug-11-16 The next morning, we heard again from the breeder that we could come and get two more puppies. Both puppies were from the younger litter (Molly and Charlie) and were taken to the same hospital for treatment. Later that morning, another call came in from the breeder. RAGofAZ-Puppy-MollySeven week old Carly had been adopted by a family last week and she also developed parvo. The family could not afford treatment so, when contacted by us, decided to relinquish her as well, and our rescue transporters picked her up for delivery to AMSC. We now have 5 puppies in intensive care receiving IV fluids; antibiotics; medication for the support of their already stressed stomachs and gastrointestinal system; and plasma transfusions as these dogs are critically ill.RAGofAZ-Puppy-Charlie-1 The doctors also are using feeding tubes to get sustenance into these pups who have not eaten for days. The expenses for the first 36 hours is already over $10,000.00. Will you help us help these Golden puppies make it to the next stage of rescue---wonderful new adoptive homes?Carly-IMG 0213



Amazing Pet Expo

When?  Saturday, November 22
Time?  10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Where?  Tucson Expo Center
               3750 E Irvington Rd, Tucson
(between S Alvernon & S Palo Verde Blvd)
 Golden-grassWe need you and your Goldens to represent RAGofAZ at this huge event. Free tee shirts (provided by a benefactor) with our new Logo for all volunteers.  We must have a copy of vaccination records for all dogs attending no later than Friday, November 21st. Please email the records to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Pet Connection Car Show

When?  Saturday, November 15
Time?  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where?  Rincon Farmers and Artisans Market
               12500 Old Spanish Trail, Tucson

old car2Come join us to represent RAGofAZ at this fun event (same place as the Chili Roast Festival).
View some beautiful classic cars, listen to some great oldies, raffle prizes, 50/50 drawing, entertainment, food and so much more while our Goldens collect donations and volunteers talk about our wonderful rescue.


Barnes & Noble Gift Wrap 2014

Welcome to Barnes and Noble Gift Wrapping!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year – our annual holiday gift wrapping program at Barnes and Noble!

And we need you to volunteer!



 • Members and non-members welcome, no experience required
• Come with or without a dog – any dog will do (we’ll share ours)
• You can help wrap gifts, or simply greet shoppers, thank donors, talk about your dog and just have fun!


We have friendly and dedicated Site Coordinators at each location to handle scheduling and help you with any questions you have.

This is easy:

• Check out our schedule below and see what’s best for you.
Click here to go to where you can sign up for your preferred date and time (please include your dog’s name).
• VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone, nor do you need to register an account. However, if you prefer, you may email the Coordinator assigned to your store of choice with your name, email address and dates and hours you can volunteer.
• The bookstore and RAGofAZ will supply all materials but donations of wrapping paper, bows, sparkly decorations, gift boxes and gift bags are always welcome.

That's it! Bring your friends and family and let's have some fun!

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot



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