2013 Annual Fundraising Campaign

Please help us give Golden Retrievers like Tillman a second chance at life. Donate today to our Annual Fundraising Campaign.


You found me quiet, brown eyes sober DSC 2890

Tail wagging with caution

Unsure of what comes next

Watch me rescued.


You hugged away my sadness

Cared for my tired body

Fixed what was wounded

Watch me heal.


You found humans who loved what I loved

Throwing balls, catching balls

Hiding balls, losing balls, stealing balls

Watch me run.


You laughed as I leapt for a bird

Cheered when I sailed after a Frisbee

Applauded my dives into the pool

Watch me soar.


You found me a home

Where I will be loved forever

Watch me now.



Rescue A Golden of Arizona offers a second chance at life to a Golden Retriever in need.